Come Out and Play!

I saw this full page advertisement in the newspaper today.

The XIX Commonwealth Games “Promise for Indians”… Surprised! This is the first time the government has taken “Indians” into account with respect to the Commonwealth Games… wondering why? Simple answer is that in all likelihood the Games won’t happen and then government can easily say that the development was done for the citizens and not for foreigners which in my opinion is a big bunch of bull.

The ad. goes on to say…

24 flyovers, 75 aerobridges, 1285 kms of better roads, 5000 low-floor buses, 80 new metro destinations, 11 world-class sports venues, 59 hectare games village, restoration of 46 national monuments and thousands of job opportunities… FOR YOU, FOR DECADES.

Somehow this is what i could understand.

24 flyovers still in construction, 75 aerobridges… most of which are on paper only, 1285 kms of pothole roads, 5000 low-floor buses yet to be seen, 80 new metro disasters, 11 third-class sports venues, 59 hectare games village already sold to HNI’s, restoration of 46 monuments which we would not care if not the for games and thousands of fraud opportunities for the politicians… FOR YOU, FOR DECADES.

4 Responses to “Come Out and Play!”

  1. This is clearly politically motivated, especially when 70% of the work is still incomplete and they are celebrating the Games right now… during election time!

  2. […] I like the cut paste job they have done in PhotoShop This just reminds us that Commonwealth Games are now nothing more than a joke! […]

  3. You guys are stupidly joking non sense…
    Dont you feel the importance of Commonwealth Games in India..
    Instead of helping people and thinking why there is delay and finding necessary solns to it you are just crying your words out loud..
    If it is a Dream “IT CAN COME TRUE” !!

  4. Well, Indian Govt. started the joke.. I must tell u something .. if people like u are still thinking that CWG was what they claimed u need to know what CWG was all about and its history… CWG is a game played by nation whome British ruled once….And as said by Prashant truely it gave opportunity to Politicians and congress to make more money..They looted the money which I and you and alll of us paid in form of Taxes…Taxes which we shouldn’t pay .. if u dont agree with me on NOT PAYING TAXES.. see the history of taxes ..why they were imposed..Because we have ruled by congress till date majortily… CONGRESS is to be blamed