Lights… Camera… Sound… Internet!

Wow! for a full 6 days, i can get internet free!! šŸ˜‰ (My excitement was very short lived when as read the fine print “BSNL Net One dial-up internet connection on your landline is now free till December 2008.”)

You think Deepika would look happy surfing the net on a dial-up connection? I really doubt it. I have nothing against Miss Padukoneā€¦ honestly! What I donā€™t understand is why BSNL would take her for internet promotion, she does not look like someone who knows how to even check her emails let alone hold a laptopā€¦ seems like she is doing a romantic scene with the laptop.

BSNL does have a history of hiring misfit celebrities for their adsā€¦ Like Preeti Zinta, for the BSNL land line ad.

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