NSE Advertises on Radio, What for?

I was driving to the airport today (IGI Delhi) and i usually listen to some music in the car, helps me keep sane in the madding Delhi traffic jams. Though I usually skip through a radio channel as soon as there is some advertising or even if I hear a RJ blabbering ( I can’t stand it). Honestly, what is up with these RJ’s? Why do they have to talk nonstop even it if does not make much sense most of the time? At first, I did like to listen to RJ Nitin but then he has also become so boring. He has the same things which he will repeat every time… “Chipak Ker Baitho”

Anyways, I will cribb about Radio Jockeys some other time. Right now I wanted to tell you about the Nation Stock Exchange advertising. The Indian stock market has been falling so bad in the last couple days that I guess NSE thought they will bring back some faith in the exchange by advertising it on the radio. People don’t usually invest when the market falls a few hundred points every single day, no one wants to see their saving wiped off clean in 2 days flat.

Anyways, even though the market looks very attractive right now… enter with caution. If you want to invest say Rs. 100 … Put in Rs. 50 today and wait ad watch. If the market goes down further, pump in the next Rs. 50 or if it shows any sign of recovery. Don’t expect to make a killing in a week or a month. Playing it safe will always give you consistent returns in the long run.

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