April Fool Banaya…

For a minute even I was taken aback… rather impressed by the achievement but then it took me a few min to realize the hoax! When it sounds to good to be true, especially in India… in all probability is isn’t.

I like the cut paste job they have done in PhotoShop 😉 This just reminds us that Commonwealth Games are now nothing more than a joke!

Taken from HT City epaper. Article by Kirti Mehta

Delhi gets a beach.

You can’t see it yet, but thanks to the 2010 Commonwealth Games, dry dusty Delhi will have a , beach! The huge artificial beach, complete with sand and waves, is being constructed opposite the Akshardham Temple in east Delhi.
The project between Delhi Tourism and South African hotelier Joe Majola was revealed by Majola ahead of the Delhi government’s planned announcement next week.

The beach is modelled on the artificial beach in Sun City Johannesburg, which has a retractable roof with visuals of the sky and clouds.

To make the 100-metre sandy stretch in the Delhi project, sand was brought from Jaisalmer. The 50metre deep “sea” will have some 200,000 gallons of treated water.

An outing at this beach, once it opens to the public a month before the Commonwealth Games, will be expensive — the likely fee is Rs 2,000 per adult per day including a meal, coupon; and Rs 700 per child.

Six months after the Games, Delhi Tourism will hand over the management to a private entity in return for an annual franchisee fee.

Majola told HT City in a telephone interview that the air temperature will be kept at a balmy 23º C, and the water temperature at 20ºC. “The wave-making machine, Roaring Lagoon, will produce a 1.2m wave every 90 seconds,” said Majola.

“Breathtaking rides will include the Temple of Courage, a hair-raising drop down a 10m chute.” A spokesman for the Delhi Tourism refused to comment and said an announcement would be made over the next week.

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