RBI Launches the New Rs.10 Coin

Reserve Bank of India has launched a new Rs. 10 coin. Seeing the inflation and that the smaller denomination coins are loosing their buying power this was a logical step. Also this takes some pressure of the battered Rs. 10 notes which the most used and abused of the lot. The face of the coin is divided into three portions with the centre portion bearing the ‘Lion Capitol’ of Ashoka Pillar with ‘Satyameva Jayate’. The new Rs.10 coin is a legal tender as provided in the Indian Coinage Act 1906, a RBI press release said.

New Rs.10 Coin for India

2 Responses to “RBI Launches the New Rs.10 Coin”

  1. Thanks to RBI for realising the inflation related effects on buying power of common man,Rs 10/- coin will help a lot in local transactions. RBI ought to frame a policy and direct All nationalised bank to issue coins. RBI would be aware that CBS services are not helping to bank customers even in the same city (locally), e.g.-for entry in pass book, you have to pay service charges,for cash deposit other than mother branch of CBS branch pay service charges,for ATM card RS 100/- per year charges is levied/deducted on students saving bank a/c. by PNB Delhi.This is all exploitation of account holders by banking organisation deviating from the policy of public services. The banking superflous and luxery expenditure infact are met at the cost of customers business whose moves have been stalemated by the govt herself,and are bound to opt bank services in one or other way.Who will listen poor un organised customer sir.Media can play a constrctive role in this regard.

  2. DIPTI MOHANTA on June 22nd, 2009 at 9:15 pm

    its really nice to have a ten rupees coin in market. but it has already been in india since 1969. well it was not bi metallic one , but a silver coin. in 2005 first bi metallic coin, ten rupees coin has been in market.