Anything Else Can I Get For You Sir?

Ajmal Amir KasabInstead of a speedy trial for Kasab, looks like the government is doing everything in its power to delay it. The beneficiary of this has been Kasab. So far crorers of tax payers money has been spent on Ajmal Amir Kasab’s security and building a special underground tunnel for him to be safely transported from jail to the court. The government is spending so much money on a terrorist’s security who is responsible for killing countless citizens.

What an irony… spend taxpayers money to provide security to a terrorist who kills the taxpayers.

If they have not bent over backwards enough, Kasab is now demanding Urdu newspaper, perfumes and toothpaste. He is also seeking permission to be able to take a walk in Arthur Road Jail courtyard “If I continue to remain in this cell, I’ll loose my mental balance.”

Well Kasab… you proved that you don’t have a mental balance when you killed so many innocent citizens, walking around the courtyard is not going to do you any good.

This is the reason why India is constantly under terror attacks… the terrorists are well aware that if they are caught, they will be treated better in India than in their home country.

2 Responses to “Anything Else Can I Get For You Sir?”

  1. Hope, this ends soon like American ended Sadaam Hussein.

  2. kill him on november26 2011. and tie his hand and leave him in open public place[cst] and people will only kill him.