Rajasthan Univ. of Health Sci. Exam Issues

I got this cribb from Manish yesterday. Can anyone suggest him what he can do?

Dear Sir,

It’s not about my sorry plight but a genuine fight for my right. Appearing for PG entrance exam I found another person with same roll number as mine, in the exam center I was asked to prove my identity, I did so.

I was taken for identity verification; I went with them, while others were appearing for exam. After 40 min of delay, they found and admitted their mistake & allotted me a new roll number.

I was panic stricken (I had medical history that dates back to 2 years) Still I wrote my exam, but was not granted any extra time (actually not given the legitimate time, they wasted my 40 min, not me)

Later trying to reach the higher ups I was abused, bullied and harassed. Unlike You I’m not a literary genius, so my words are unable to convey the strong emotions I was to present right now.

I then went to Dr. P.P.S. Mathur, Vice Chancellor of University, who apart for personally humiliating me used abusive language, challenging me if I can dare to move against his authority.
Further he tore the application I was carrying and threatened me of dire consequence if I didn’t shut up.

I made a written complaint about this episode to CMO (Chief Medical Officer), dropped a RTI application, but to no avail (VC head’s the RTI panel at the University)

Later I tried to get this news info local print media, who assured me to get the thing published in few days. Later I was told that Dr. PPS Mathur had instructed all the press bodied to refuse such request.

I’ve collected hard proofs of all the incidents. I don’t want any pity or news publicity, but my genuine right & justice.

Let me know if you can help me on that.

3 Responses to “Rajasthan Univ. of Health Sci. Exam Issues”

  1. The more I think, the more it amaze me…
    Aren’t the educational institutes meant to help the students and address their genuine grievances OR for buzzing it all and actually running the imperial aristocratic empire abusing & harassing the helpless??

    Who ever reads this, please provide any help as to how can Manish get his legitimate right?

  2. In India Gandhiji died for his deeds and action but we could not gather courage to speak truth/inner concensus at senior positions.Media/ judiciary or authority or no exceptions.We are nurtured and governed by the poet verses ‘ samarth ko nahi dosh gosai’, in english we call KING CAN DO NO WRONG’.As individual you have fought so much without any result has been already experinced by you. so don’t loose your heart,switch to some other university is the answer to your problem. In case you possess muscle power and money power or political power you may take an stand otherwise whatever they say is correct and you willnot be listened truthfully again loosing your energy and precious lifes period bringing an irreparable loss to you .You might have read the case of a lady teacher beaten& implicated her on bad character charge by school authority was got dissmissed from services without inquiry, lost her every thing to media both print and channel highlighted the matter till she was made guilty but later on when she was found INNOCENT against the charges levelled against her all kept mum . Neither TV media nor print ever attempted to un- earth the concealed design behind it.She was a topper student of Haryana but no body came forward to rescue her or helped to stand by her.she however got the job reinstated by minister.Now you can decide your self. JUSTICE and RIGHTS are the mirage of thoughts in our present headless society.

  3. I do not know since when press bodies started following instructions from VCs. I also don’t understand why is the VC taking so much interest in one candidate. Was the candidate the only one who had this issue? What did the others who had similar issues do in this case? Something tells me that the story has not been told in its entirety. If true, I would suggest filing a Police case against the VC for assault and harassment.