SBI with 9500 branches and no good reason!

SBI Advertising Just saw this ad on HT today and could not help but see the irony of the advertisement. Look at in this way.. in today’s times where people do not even want to go to the branch to open an account (most of the banks will send their rep over to your place) SBI is advertising that you can GO do your banking at over 9500 branches. Why should i go to the branch when i can do internet banking, phone banking…at the simplest.. ATM banking. The only time i need to go to the branch is when the bank messed up something, and with over 9500 SBI branches to choose from you should be well prepared to run from branch to branch. Hum.. maybe SBI can tie up with Adidas… free running shoes with every account… hahahah!

This is one of their 1000 reasons to bank with them, i can only guess what the other 999 would be 😉

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