Book Club on Delhi Streets

I saw this photograph on HT today, did not make much sense to me…

Firstly, I would not spot any women reading a book, keeping it right in front of her face and still manage to walk without bumping into something especially in Delhi. The chances of seeing two women like that would be less than seeing Muthalik celebrating Valentines day.

Secondly, why would one of the girls have a jacket in her hand while the other one is wearing a sweater? I put all my winter clothes in the closet over one month back.

Thirdly, isn’t it a little strange that both of them don’t have any purse or hand bag? Since when did women starting moving out leaving their essentials behind?

Fourthly, the women one left is not only carrying another book but conveniently carrying a copy of HT City. Maybe once she is done with the second book, she will still have something to read 😉

Lastly, this is for the reporter and the photographer who took this pic. Come on! You really expect Delhi people to be fools to take this crap. A word of advice, if you don’t have a compelling story then don’t publish crap.

Delhi girls reading books on the road.

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