AIIMS Hanging by a String – FollowUp

15 days back i blogged about the AIIMS Signage and now i have a follow up for you.

Before: 15th July 2009
AIIMS Sinage on South X crossing in Delhi

After: 15th August 2009
AIIMS Missing Signage

Lets see how much time it takes to get the signage back up… my guess is a somewhere close to the Commonwealth Games.

3 Responses to “AIIMS Hanging by a String – FollowUp”

  1. That’s a Nice catch !! 🙂

    May be they will wait for the other boards to fall down too !! So that they can all worked upon at the same time 🙂

  2. Govt works on the play ground of files where finance accounts and admnistration play their roles as umpires.Technical personnel play their role as wicket- keeper. Public,leaders, media are the players cum spectators of the game.So keep watching the umpire’s fingers before you call it as a nice- catch—madam.These games are usually prefixed.Normally leaders and media shouts till they get some share out of the deal.And are never interested to know the truth.

  3. That is true, but the truth cannot be denied !!