Happy Independence Day!

Wishing everyone a very happy Independence day… but I keep wondering when will India gets it true freedom? Freedom from poverty, crime, hate in the name of religion… when will we all live in peace and harmony?

2 Responses to “Happy Independence Day!”

  1. Thank you for wishing every one a very happy independence day.Whome do you expect to get you releived from poverty,crime,hate…on any ground in indepedent India,they are are all your relatives in one or other way of your freedom.You must have experinced that you can fight with out siders but not with your so called near and dear ones in your family life even. Hope Lord Krishna if decends in humane form as national leader, will have to pursue 2nd MAHABHRAT for all around peace and prosperity.so wait..it is better late than never,enjoy the present set-up of Independence sir.Bade good buy to wondering after enjoying 63rd Independence day.

  2. Rony, i guess then i will wait for the 2nd Mahabharat to end the human suffering on this planet. Either the suffering would end or the planet.. either ways it would be good.