Free Foot Massage Anyone?

The new domestic departure terminal 1D of Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport is now providing foot and calf massages to passengers, free of cost. Private airport operator Delhi International Airport Ltd. (DIAL) has installed six foot massage chairs at the new terminal and services were started from August 15.

Free foot massage at Domestic Delhi Airport

One Response to “Free Foot Massage Anyone?”

  1. Modern style of bowing down on foot,a form of concealed excuse for deficient services but luring their valuable passangers.Good, very good at least IGI Airport Authority has visualised their delayed and deficient services so tactfully attempted to addresse them in old Indian style but in a moderen way.All public dealing deptt should take a lesson from this and should become senstive to their deficient services used to be rendered by them to the public shamelessly.