AIIMS Hanging by a String

Imagine if the signage A.I.I.M.S (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) falls on someone… at least they will know which hospital to go to 😉

AIIMS Sinage on South X crossing in Delhi

5 Responses to “AIIMS Hanging by a String”

  1. I must say gud observation power

  2. Khushi ! i feel it is not about “gud observation power” , its about being a non ignorant.

  3. Well said gautam! This board looks scary! Hope mcd has repaired it by now

  4. This indicates that there is no speaking responsibility and powers at execution level in govt system.our mind set is same of british pattern but we claim we have inducted so many things in govt. offices e.g. pay scales attached to a posts are changed every 10 years but duties, resposibility and powers system which is also a integral part of post which remains untouched.It is also hanging on organised corrupt administrative practices. But who bothers for clean and unambigous working govt in india.If print media publishes this episode, some innocent empoloyee, if at all necessary ,would fall a victim of incidence.Thanks it is hanging and not missing at least?

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