What’s going on with Baba Ramdev?

Why was Yoga guru Baba Ramdev dress like a women, jumping and hiding in the crowd to save himself? He is undoubtedly a powerful personality himself with millions of followers so surely he should not be worried about his safety.. and why is Congress after his life? I don’t know if Baba Ramdev has any political agenda of his own but he fighting for corruption so why is Congress hell bent upon defaming him. Why don’t they want to bring the back money to India.. what is their hidden agenda behind this?

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  1. Please do not talk right now on any person,
    Let’s talk about the Aims
    1)Black money
    2)Lokpal bill
    In 1) which are the noms that need to be satisfied to make the black money available at swiss bank as a nation’s income.
    —– Is it possible? How?

    My thinking: Suppose person ‘x’ having account in swiss bank,Some protection like account password,finger print etc. required to operate it.So is there any noms in swiss bank like if head of the nation want ‘x’ persons account detail so swiss bank provide your detail to nation’s head and if nation’s head forced us to make your money as a nation’s money so swiss bank gives ‘x’ persons money to nation without ‘x’ persons permission.
    If you have any knowledge regarding it so please upload it.

    Yes,we can stop black money from today by taking information of the person who goes out of nation in past year or recently.
    Information contains,
    How much property they have at india?
    How to make sure that they are not gone for making black money?
    Should we need to check transaction detail of all the persons those who are at abroad right now or had gone in past few years?
    Is it possible?
    Those who have account in swiss bank they are having lot’s of money right so if Some action will taken on them.
    That will increase corruption or decrease it??

    2)Awareness of lokpal bill so each indian can take justice by using it.

  2. To set record straight, I am not a supporter of Congress or the Gandhi family. It’s very interesting to see the way we “Indians” are suddenly all up and against corruption. My trouble with the current campaign is the sheer hypocrisy behind it. Some random thoughts…

    1. We would not hesitate once before paying bribe to get the job done and yet we are against corruption. We would on the same day wear an anti corruption badge on Facebook and also pay bribe to get the driving license. It’s very easy to say that the system is corrupt and the bribe had to be paid. But if we indeed are pretending to be so honest, then why a double standard and not show the courage by not paying the bribe. Sheer paper tigers or should I say “social media tigers” who can show courage and support only by clicking a few buttons.

    2. We too have all the black money, do not pay taxes and yet be shameless to support the drive to bring back the black money. (e.g. how many of us would have purchased a house and paid total white money ? Dear Baba Ramdev is just a cunning yoga guru with huge yoga and health empire, including an island in Scotland. His and his organization’s antecedents are questionable (for more details on how he treats his employees, please refer to wikipedia article). I personally support movement by Anna Hazare but who is Baba Ramdev ? He just learnt about the “Fast” tactic from Anna and is using for his own interest.

    It’s nothing but a holier-than-thou attitude. If we all change in practice and principle the way we conduct, India would change. Not by the dramas that some baba create by holding the whole country to ransom.

    And yes indeed, Ramdev has a political agenda. He is backed by BJP and alike.

  3. @ Jayvir: It might be simple to bring all the money back to India, however the government is not showing any will to do just that. Besides if the money were to come back to India, who is going to prevent it from being scammed by our esteemed politicians?

    @ Sachin: I agree with you on how hypocrite we Indians are… bribing has become a way of live, if you don’t someone else will.. the reason is that there is too much black money floating around and you would not mind paying someone off with that black money.. no one wants to part with the hard earned cash and that is why some people still fight the system and try to set it right… without any luck though.

  4. @ Sachin : I agree that we try and save taxes where ever possible but that is our money which we have earned, it is not the money which we have earned scamming or robbing the nation.

    I guess had we been satisfied with the development, lot of us would have happily paid proper taxes.

  5. I am not follower of Baba Ramdev and don’t know he is a good or bad person but at that time he is doing for the welfare of nation. If he got success in bringing the black money of these corrupt politicians then it can be used in the development of nation…. But these corrupt politicians will stop Baba for bringing money in INDIA after all these politicians had deposited a lot of black money in foreign banks.

    At present we must support the effort of BABA for nation and anti-corruption.

  6. now i am happy with the lokpal bill.this is very necessary for indian government.As per as possible this bill shall be interdicted quickly.due to this Indian become developed country….i want to see this

  7. Neither Congress nor any political part supported Baba Randev because all political parties are corrupt. All having their black money in swiss banks.

    Now all corrupt have united against the fight against corruption

  8. Ram dev is deceiving innocent people. in the name of spritualism. He is a big fraud a corroupt in all respect.

  9. Crime ratio is very high in Delhi. Police can’t show their strength/power against them but but they are showing their power to saint person like Baba, if the Dehli Police want to show their power, they need to show their power to daily crime happing in Delhi……

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