Vodafone 3G is Disappointing

If you are one of the early adapters of 3G high speed internet like i am then i am sure you would have faced the same issues which i have no matter if you are with Vodafone, Airtel, Reliance or Tata.. I took the Rs.100 plan for 100MB, i ended up paying Rs.1600 for extra MB usage. I am using Samsung Galaxy on Android and for anyone who is on a smart phone 100MB data transfer will be very less. Apart from the price, the coverage is pretty bad. If you in the prime areas then you will get connectivity but other than that, you will always taken back to Edge.

Once more thing which i experienced was whenever i was on call, 3G stopped working. This is not supposed to be as 3G can carry both voice and data simultaneously. I did try making a video call with a fiend of mine who was on Airtel 3G and both of us had to struggle to find connectivity for 3G to be able to make a video call. Even after we did, the video quality was no where near what they show in the commercials. I believe it will take at least a few more months before 3G becomes affordable and the coverage expands.. till then i have got my 3G deactivated.

3 Responses to “Vodafone 3G is Disappointing”

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  2. Recently I am using reliance 3G and till now I have nice experience with the reliance. The unrestricted speed is 21.6mbps but it gives me around 18 to 20 mbps speed in and around Mumbai….which fastest speed ever I used….and its got connect in train as well as lift also…..
    First of all I started using with the smallest plan which is available only with reliance 3G and air-tel 3G for Rs.100; 100 MB now a days…..i am happy with customer care also cause they sort out my billing issue within an hour….now i want to change my plan which are Combo plans with bundled tariff that include Voice, Data and SMS, starting from Rs.100/-.i hope they will give me same service and same experience….

  3. Just like most things in india in the case of 3g too customers are being taken for a royal ride.just got my 3g from vodafone and most times there is no signal.wake up TRAI…or you will have Anna on your back..:::)
    I am going back to 2g…indian telecom and their promises really suck.