Aforeserve Threatens me with Legal Action

A month back I posted a cribb sent in by Sachin on “HP and Aforeserve Join Hands for Fraud” and today I got an email from Amit Menon of Aforeserve regarding the article. Instead of trying to solve the problem with Sachin, he took the easy way by telling me to remove the article. Read his email below and then read my reply to it.


My name is Amit Menon and I am the Head Call Center for
There is a post on your site which says, “HP and Aforeserve join hands for

Wanted to know whether you verify the antecedents of the person who is posting and the veracity of the claim that he is making on your site regarding our company.

His claims on your site is creating a bad name for us on the web. We are a professionally managed ISO 9001:2000 company and in the 9-10 Years of its existence, have not faced such kind of a complaint.

Please have this post removed at the earliest before we contemplate taking legal action against the same.

Looking forward to a early resolution for the same.

Amit Menon

Below is my reply

Hi Amit,

This is a blog where people send in their cribbs, if Sachin has cribbed about your company, it is a good thing… maybe you can follow up and investigate the matter and hopefully improve your services. To be transparent with your clients you should directly type in your reply on this url
(many companies reply this way using our article comment area)

I myself cribb about companies and government, but that does not mean the government can come sue me. This is a free country my friend so don’t try and threaten me… in fact i will post your email on for people to see that is delivering threats instead of good service.

The post will not be removed and i am letting you off easy this time but if i get such an email from you again, i will not only sue you personally for threatening me but also your company as your are representing it in this email.


8 Responses to “Aforeserve Threatens me with Legal Action”

  1. hehehe.. nice reply

  2. Good Prashant, You did the right thing and if Mr. Amit Menon is so confident about their services then why dont he gets a “Satisfactory report ” signed by Sachin stating that Sachin never had a problem with aforeserve and publishes it on cribb rather than threatening.

  3. If this is the attitude of a Call Center Head of Aforserve, then i don’t even want to imagine how the behaviour of the support executives will be. No wonder Sachin had a problem with them. Now that i know first hand, i too will never deal with this company.

  4. Keep it up prashant, may be this is the right way to make them feel guilty, otherwise its an old Indian tradition “Chori ki chori upar se sinajori”. May be this way we can change our Country a bit.

  5. Hats off to you maan! These idiots dont know what is a media called web! I hate those who snoop around with laws in there hands to put off the free expression. we are with you and if they come again like this we bloggers will unite and post the article in all our blogs! Let them ban the lot if they can and we know how to tackle that too!

    With warm regards
    Osai Chella (Blogged before blogger!)

  6. I paid Rs 4900 by cheque to Aforeserve in Oct09 for extended warranty for my HP laptop the cheque was encashed by them immediately. They confirmed me that by mail. till Nov they did not issue any warranty details . when I emailed them again( vibha chabbra ) some anu.K. replied by mail that it will be done by 05 NOV 09. Yesterday my laptop had a problem I went to HP service dealer who said that the warranty was not issued.I contacted Aforeserve who told that HP had withdrawn the warranty facility. Infact HP withdrew the facility only after 15 Nov.
    They now offer me my money back.Had the laptop not developed problem they would have swallowed the money.Inspite of so many greviences HP deos not take any action agaist them indicates they are also party to this.My personal experience with HP is that they are putting substandard products in indian market

  7. Hi Prashanth,

    You have defended yourself, good. But the truth is. Aforeserve has cheated me. The man came home and took a cheque for some 5000 rupees and after that nothing happend. The company is in Noida and they started ignoring my calls. They were supposed to send me something and never replyed. The guy who came home gave his number but doesnt respond. The lady in Nodia office Her name is Anu something.
    she said she would send it in a week. which never happend. Afforserve is a one big stupid company who cheated me. its not about the money, this feeling of them cheating me stays. Amit Menon if he reads this, should know that Aforserve is a stupid company. and lives on dirty business. (if ever it lives.)
    good job prashanth.

  8. I have also been cheated by aforeserve.I have paid 6500 Rs. for HP Care pack which they never gave me.They disconnect my calls and do not reply my e-mails.The local Hp Service Centre guys told me that they are only doing collections on behalf of Aforeserve and keep giving useless mobile numbers.