Was the DDA Housing Draw Rigged?

Update 5th Jan 09:

– Allotment of DDA flats have been frozen till the scam is fully investigated.
– The allegation of fraud pertains mostly to the allotment of 25% of 5238 flats reserved for scheduled castes / scheduled tribes and physically challenged.
– If large scale irregularities are unearthed then the draw will be cancelled and will be held afresh otherwise only those found to be fraudulent will be redrawn.
– Udit Raj, President of Indian Justice Party has complained that there were 6500 flats in total and 1262 out of those have been allotted to bureaucrats, senior government officials, relatives of DDA officials and Politicians without a draw being conducted.

What if this were true? Goes to prove that none of the government authorities are trustworthy.

Article taken from HT epaper.

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) Housing Scheme 2008, under which 5,238 flats were up for grabs last month, has come under police scanner.

The DDA conducted the draw of lots to these ready to move in flats on December 16.

The Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the Delhi Police is investigating a complaint where it has been alleged a “builder mafia” forged documents to avail loans from banks to buy flats under the housing scheme.

Police said they received a complaint 10 days before the draw was conducted, from an anonymous person.

“We received a complaint from a man who gave us details about some people who may have been involved in the scam. The complaint pertained to some builders who had taken loans from banks on forged papers to buy flats under the DDA scheme,” said SBK Singh, additional commissioner of police (EOW).

The police said they have asked the DDA to provide a list of all the allottees that won the draw and would scrutinise their records.

“We would also be checking the records of property dealers involved in land and building racket in the city,” said a senior police officer.

Meanwhile, DDA spokeswoman Neemo Dhar said, “The draw of lots were computerised and completely free and fair. As of now we have not received any complaint of irregularities.”

DDA had received 12.64 lakh application forms for the 5,238 flats.

8 Responses to “Was the DDA Housing Draw Rigged?”

  1. Pannalal Sharma on January 3rd, 2009 at 1:54 pm

    DDA has cheated the people why was draw not permomed manually.

  2. DDA has deined the claim made by Udit Raj, the Chairman, All India Confederation of SC/ST organisations. It’s up to the Economic Offence Wing to unearth this story.

  3. What algorithm was followed while writing the source code for the draw? Who has wtitten the code ? Was is certified by some agency to the effect that it is a secure code and any tempering/manual palying around not possible while deciding the draw? Can source code be made public?

  4. DDA housing scheme-2006 terms and condition were original and would have benefitted many real and needy applicants had alteration in terms and condition of transfer/payments not allowed tactfully by the authorities,under sympathy of extending help arranging loan by the applicant.Master mind DDA officer altered the whole senario in HOUSING SCHEME-2008 for passing benefit to property experts waving restrictions faced earlier.EXCEPT-MEDIA who can quistion mighty DDA?

  5. Comments are coming from the people who did not get flat alotted. No matter, how many times you do lottery, only 5000 will get flat out of 500000.

    There is no rigging on DDA side. I am living on rent, filled one form, prayed to god, and got one flat. Want to do CBI enquiry on me, you are most welcome. Any one from India or world can come and check my details.

    This is a media led campain, because even they had filled the form. How someone may report correctly, if they have their own personal interest.

    I request people to be sensible. Does next draw gaurantee their luck?

    No of course, even they know.

  6. This is an advanced organised way of working in a conceald manner,most of us do know but cant do anything. Thanks to Udit Raj who dared to speak out in open terms against the master mind designer of HOUSING-2008 Scheme.The issue is not that igot or yougot in their nepharious design working in their (dda) system. We all should support mr. Udit RAJ and find out the social cause which forced them to alter the terms and codition of SALE?TRANSFER/PURCHASE of flat in favour of applicants who do not want to live but sale it for a good will price in least botheration.Transparancy in govt system is mirage based.

  7. This is not the issue who was successful in lottery are not, the issue is the game should be fair in letter and spirit.Prima face conceald nepharious design worked out under the HOUSING-2008 VIS-A-VIS HOUSING-2006 Scheme in terms of sale/transfer/purchase of flat which had experinced by the property Traders turned DDA applicants ought to be unearthed.Do you agree? we should support daring Udit raj for bringing the matter in public light.

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