No Honk Day… What was the Point?

Jan 1 2009, No Honk DayI never honk until unless I have to but some people have one hand on the steering and the other on the horn. It really bugs me when people in my colony press the horn every time they want to take a turn, those morons will not reduce their speed to avoid honking.

What I don’t understand is why we observes a No Honking Day? What good does one day do when the rest 364 day’s people keep honking their brains out! It’s like saying that we will observer a no pollution day today and will fine everyone who’s vehicles are polluting… sounds very stupid. Aren’t we sending out the message that it is ok to Honk and Pollute all round the year accept 1 day. This day should be observed every single day and that’s when people will know the importance of it.

One Response to “No Honk Day… What was the Point?”

  1. I think what they are trying to do is educate people that it is possible to drive without honking. Once there is enough awareness and acceptance of the practice, they may move with legislations curbing honking in certain regions, and maybe later throughtout India. In my 8 months in US so far, I have honked just twice, both times when I caught a lazy driver not realizing that the light has turned green. In Belgium, I was surprised to see buses without horns installed. The driver told that a horn isn’t a standard equipment in automobiles of the country.

    Apart from rage, the biggest reason people honk in India is that they are not sure whether the other drivers are following traffic rules. So it is equally important to enforce traffic rules and win public confidence before we can go ahead and crack down on honking. While I don’t think a blanket ban on honking is a way to go, there certainly is a need to reduce it. But we still have a long way to go.