DDA Results and Payment Details

Update: 16th Dec 08

Check results here http://dda.org.in/tendernotices_docs/dec08/DRW_RSLT_DDA08.pdf

Results of the draw will be out today and will be displayed on DDA website by 3 pm.

Update: 19th Nov 08

You can now view the status of your application on the DDA website by visiting this link http://www.dda.org.in/housing08/Application.asp (link no longer works) and entering you application number.

IMPORTANT READ – Applicants can check their application number from 19.11.2008 to 25.11.208. In case the application is not found in the list, the applicant is advised to immediately contact the concerned Bank, where the application was filed. With acknowledgement receipt for clarification upto 25.11.2008. No request about missing application will be entertained by the Banks after 25.11.2008

The applicants after contacting their Banks as per above may check the status of the missing applications on DDA’s website on 27.11.2008

Applicants can contact the Director (Housing)-II, in ‘D’ Block Vikas Sadan, INA, New Delhi from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM. on 27th and 28th Nov. 2008, if their application is not included in the list displayed on website on 27.11.08 even after contacting the concerned Bank. No representation will be entertained by DDA after 28.11.08

DDA will hold the computerized Draw for allotment of flats before 15.12.2008. Only those applications which have been submitted in accordance with the terms & conditions of the Brochure will be included in the Computerized Draw that will be held in the presence of a panel of observers.

The results of the Draw shall be displayed on the Notice Board of DDA at Vikas Sadan, ‘D’ Block, INA, New Delhi and on DDA’s website just after the Draw on the same day. The results will also be published in leading national newspapers.

Update: 1st Oct 08 Taken from HT

Two weeks after the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) closed its Housing Scheme 2008, where 5,010 flats are up for sale; the agency has started the process of scrutinising the application forms.
Officials said they planned to hold the draw of lots for the flats before December 15.

Senior DDA officials said 12.64 lakh application forms were sold and downloaded. Of them, 5.12 lakh forms were finally submitted in different banks authorised by the DDA.

For applicants, it’s going to be a tough competition: for each of the 5010 flats, there will be 102 applicants.

“As per our official schedule, we plan to hold the draw of lots for the flats before December 15. As of now, housing department officials are busy scrutinizing each and every form. Successful applicants will be given possession of their flats by mid-January,” said Neemo Dhar, DDA spokeswoman.

Dhar said those who don’t get lucky in the lottery would get back their registration money from January. “Scrutiny of forms will be completed by November 20. “Once scrutiny is over, we will upload all the forms which will be eligible for the draw in our official website www.dda.org.in.” she said.

Want to find out if your DDA Flat scheme 2008 form has been submitted properly or not. Here is the link to view the Housing Registration Results / Priority Status/ Payment Details. Please note that DDA will take time to update their database and your query could show no result. If this goes on for longer than you would expect, you can call Director (Housing) II. Vikas Sadan : 24690723

DDA Housing Results Page

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  1. Links Not Working

  2. Banks like HDFC Bank have made a lot of money in this process (providing loans for application) and have provided little information post application. We too have applied for this scheme & till now the interest amount of 5700 has not been debited to our account (and the last date is over). The customer care agent has no answer to this query. There is no information available either on the dda site or with the bank that the application has been submitted or not.

  3. @ Prajit: I know this is a serious issue and i agree 100% with you, there is no way to actully know if the banks have indeed deposited the application with the DDA, until DDA updates their database and lets people know on their website.

  4. DDA Housing Scheme 2008, New Delhi.
    There is absolutely no information about status of dda applications, submitted to hdfc bank.
    Rs 5700 has been debited from account.
    No idea about hdfc bank having submitted it to dda.
    DDA website says no data available.

    Anyone has any idea how to find out status of application???

  5. Do you people know that almost 10 lakh people have so far bought or downloaded the applications for approximately I guess not more than 8000 houses? 5700 Rs for such a gamble???? If you believe so much in your luck, why not buy a lottery? You have similar chances of winning the lottery if your luck is favourable. Tch! Tch! Tch!

  6. @ Everyone: I don’t think the status has been posted on the DDA website, i don’t even think it will be possible for DDA to get this done in a week to ten days time. However i will keep everyone posted as and when i get to know anyting. Thanks

  7. SUKHVINDER SINGH on September 23rd, 2008 at 6:47 pm


    One of my friend told me that the Bank some time Take payment from you and thay will not Deposit in DDA office, and DDA will not send you Acknolagment, My question is this ” IS THERE NOT ANY RECORD OF MY APPLICATION IF HAVE HOW CAN I CHECK MY REGISTRATION IN DDA.

  8. I think this should be highlighted in the media, that how applicants who have applied through banks can ensure that their applications have been submitted or not??
    Friends, if anyone has any connection with a press reporter this could be a good story to work on. My worst fears are that we have been looped into a LARGE SCALE FRAUD.

  9. Santosh Kumar Dubey on September 24th, 2008 at 4:43 pm


    One of my friend told me that the Bank some time Take payment from you and they will not Deposit in DDA office, and DDA will not send you Acknolagment, My question is this ” IS THERE NOT ANY RECORD OF MY APPLICATION IF HAVE HOW CAN I CHECK MY REGISTRATION IN DDA.

  10. @ Everyone: I was told that banks have till the 26th to submit all the loan apps to DDA and then maybe we should see some updates on the DDA website.


  12. I too have submitted my application and availed loan through HDFC bank. The money was debited from my account only on Sep 25, 2008. I have heard that the bank does not necessarily forward the applications to DDA, and infact there is a rumour that no body who opted for finance option in DDA housing scheme 2006 got successful in the draw(would be thankful if somebody can provide an authentic counter example). This is a matter of concern, and we must ensure before the draw whether our application has been submitted or not. May be we can get the information about all the application numbers that are submitted through RTI.

  13. Hello everyone,
    I have applied for DDA for ICICI Bank Housing Scheme, but can not able to view its status (i.e. Application Status) on DDa website. Can anyone may tell the procedure. Thank You….

  14. @rakesh
    This is the problem faced by everyone. No confirmation is there whether our application has been submitted or not.

    As prashant says banks had time till 26th september so lets wait for sometime. If we donot get a positive response we will have to take some action.

  15. hey everyone.. I am woking for HDFC Bank.. and after readin what everyone is going through I myself started working towards a solution.
    Honestly I am facing the same problem (even i got it financed)… however I think its more to do with the DDA site than the banks or the finance scheme…coz i found out from someone who applied directly even he is not being able to trace his application..
    so lets jus give the whole situation some more time n then lets c..

  16. Hi everyone, I think there is some issue as we are living in a hi tech computer world, I had taken the finance through LIC housing finance and till today i cant find any status of my application on DDA site. I am not aware of the reality behind the same but how DDA is taking so much time in updating the info their sites. It can be dream home for lot many people and we should atleast be aware of the status of our application before the draw. I request DDA authorities to take immediate action in this regard.

  17. Hi there
    i have also applied for the same, but as everybody said that they havent gt any aknowledgement for the same, the same thing has happend with me too. kindly lets take an action against these banks who are making fool of us by offering these huge amount of loans to apply for these DDA schemes

    do reply if someone agrees…

  18. parneet singh minhas on September 29th, 2008 at 7:12 am

    just wanted to confirm when is DDA going to have the draw of lots

  19. hey rohit- Im replying coz i disagree with what you had to say.. Banks are not making a fool. The DDA is taking time in uploading all the data.
    The draw is due for dec end or early jan.. and
    Prashant- Most probably I’ll be meeting a senior officer with the DDA tomo so ..hopefully will have a positive update.

  20. @ Prajna: Thanks for helping us out 🙂

  21. any update …..
    whts the possible time DDA use to take to upgrade the submission status

  22. How can i know the status of application submission with DDA! i have applied for the same through SBI bank! as far as Govt. banks are considered they must have submitted the application with the DDA but dda not updated their record. When it will be updated on DDA or any other site.


  23. This is to bring to the notice that even i had submitted the DDA Housing scheme application 2008 form with hdfc bank but till today which is 30september there is no details available on DDA website while my account has been debited with rs 5700.so as a normal customer how come we know the status of our payment with DDA.so please advice how to check registeration details with DDA.
    Waiting for prompt reply.

  24. Does anybody has any clue on the actual count of applications finally submitted ? Since, banks had time till Sep 26, 2008 to submit the applications they financed, I believe the count would be significantly higher than 3.5 lakhs.

  25. This is to bring to the notice that even i had submitted the DDA Housing scheme application 2008 form with Axis bank but till today which is 01 October there is no details available on DDA website while my account has been debited with rs 5700.so as a normal customer how come we know the status of our payment with DDA.so please advice how to check registeration details with DDA.
    Waiting for prompt reply.

  26. Lalit@

    You will be able to check only after Nov 20, 2008 the status of application. As per Hindustan Times report on 01 Oct, 2008, DDA is currently scrutinizing each and every application and will upload the status of each application on its website only after Nov 20, 2008.

  27. Hey All,

    This DDA top officials are making fool to the every applicants.We would be able to know our Application Status after Nov 20th 2008 only.We are living in so Hi-Tech environment and this vertical of Goverment is taking more than couple of months time to upload just 5Lacs plus data.So it is obvious there will be very short time in b/w to know the Status of Application Form and Draw and bcoz this reason DDA officials want to provide the very short time.What is the matter of shame and dear this is totally pre planned and I don’t think so there will be transparency during the time of draw.During the time of filing I have seen to many people who are into the Property Consultant kind of actvities have submitted multiple application on the behalf of those who are no where in Delhi and these Property Consultant are having the very high approach with the DDA officials.

    Dear all let me know ur comment over this……….

  28. there should be a way to know about the registration no of applicants who has submitted their application either through bank or direct to dda office . if the bank not submitted dda housing scheme 2008 form in dda office or dda office not intertaining a form, thre is no sources available to know about that application form.

  29. hi raj
    i think your opinion is right. someone told me that 50% of total DDA flats already reserves to the higher officials & politicians only 50% of them are to draw.

  30. i had a big issue here, today a person called and said that there is no photograph on my DDA Form , where as while submitting i pasted it on form, and he said either come in person to the given address and give the photograph or form will not be snet to DDA, he was not clearly saying that is he from ICICI bank or DDA, the address given by him is mentioned below, if someone knows about it , please let me know as he told me to give photo by tommorow morning by 10.

    26, 27, 28
    basement retail asset management veera complex
    ICICI building
    behind uphar cinema
    green park.

    please some one help, otherwise my 6000 rs will be gone in vain.
    is this some kind of a fraud or is this true.

  31. If thats the case, I think you should go there.
    But there was an article in HT, that all the forms have already reached DDA and the last date is gone. I dont know how your application is still with the bank. We cant say whether its a prank or fraud but I would suggest you to go there once.

  32. @Sonal

    I would highly recommend to be cautious, if you are a female. The last date is already gone, and I don’t know how he is calling, and on what authority. He should have clearly told who he is, and his designation in ICICI. The best thing you can do is to send some male representative on your behalf, or take someone along with you.

  33. I am reading there are so many comment which creat doubts in every mind. Please………… take care of the amount paid by in such a huge volume and transparency should be there.

  34. Manwar Singh Panwar on October 11th, 2008 at 11:19 am

    I have submitted my DDA application No.0704858 through Axis Bank,Vasant Kunj, but the DDA acknolwedgement slip under the application for has not been provided to me by the Bank. Let me now the status of application form, whether the abnk has deposited the same with DDA or not

  35. For Everyone: I went and spoke with the HDFC Bank Manager yesterday and was told that the Loan receipt is the only receipt of confirmation, the DDA form receipt is not for us but for the bank to keep. He also assured me that the forms were submitted. Though i am still looking to get hold of people who can give me a 100% positive reply and some proof as well. If you know of any one who had taken loan and has confirmed that their form was submitted, please mention it here. Thanks

  36. hey i feel its only the DDA officials who can give us all accurate information..
    n about the rest i guess we can just trust things and people coz when i was talkin to people generally about the situation..they even questioned -” wats the guarantee that the DDA puts ur application no.s for allotment”???..
    still..atleast my research wont end till im convinced with valid answers..

  37. Dear Friends,
    I know from my friends which is working in Bank. Not all (only few) application process those customer take loan from Bank. Is it correct? or I want to know how we check my application is considerd in DDA draw or throw -out by bank or DDA. Any way to check the status of my application.
    B N Rawat

  38. I have deposited my application in SBI Rajpur Road Branch, Delhi for DDA Housing Scheme08. My application No. is 09657. How I can ensure that said bank has submitted my application properly and in time.

  39. Md. Mahboob Alam on November 2nd, 2008 at 2:06 pm

    I have submitted my DDA application No. 04947 through ICICI Bank, Nehru Place, someone told me that 50% of total DDA flats already reserves to the higher officials and politicians only 50% of them are to draw.

  40. Hi,

    I have also applied for the DDA housing scheme 2008 via HDFC bank. The application number for the same is 09253. Its a 6 digit mo whereas the ppl posting their comments above have mentioned 5 digit no. Can anyone let me know if the application no is correct or somewhere I can verify the same? When I tried to check the status online it says no records found. I know 20th Nov is the date after which I should be doing this but all I want to know this time is whether my application no is correct or not.

  41. @ Rohit, i delete the last 2 digits of the app number on purpose (security reasons).

  42. Dear reader,

    The first thing comes in my mind about DDA housing Scheme 2008, is that why an applicant can directly submit the form in DDA and why DDA is refusing to give recieval. They say “Where is it written that we will accept the form directly?” My answer, “Where is it written that you will not accept the form directly?” Couldn’t understand the way of working of DDA but the applicant is optionless if he wants to own a house in Delhi legally.

  43. Hi Everyone. The matter is serious. As per RTI Act, it is our right to know whether respective Banks has submitted our applications or not. When I have submitted the form, i have raised the same query with the Axis Bank DSA. The answer was that all the forms collected by Axis Bank first go to their Mumbai Office for further scrutiny and if found ok, will be submitted to DDA. So,there are various stages where forms can go. See the chain of people involve in this: Bank DSA-Bank Local Branch-Bank Head office-DDA. In my suggestion we should involve Media to Highlight this issue properly. If any Media person is reading all these comments , pls take up this issue.

  44. […] Delhi Development Authority’s (DDA) latest housing scheme offering 5,010 flats across the Capital seems to have hit a legal […]

  45. I have submitted my DDA application No. 08834 through state Bank of India, Central Sectt. Branch, New Delhi on 12.9.2008.I want to know how we check my application is considerd in DDA draw or throw -out by bank or DDA. Any way to check the status of my application.

  46. I have submitted DDA Application no 0400937 through ICICI Bank, but unable to trace the regestarion no.

  47. Hello,

    Like all the above people, even I have applied for a house under the DDA housing scheme 2008.

    Can anyone be kind enough to reply the date of the results for this scheme.

    Many thanks for your help.


  48. Use RTI. Ask DDA some questions regarding your application. Figure out such a question for which DDA need to fish out your application to answer your query. If the bank has not submitted your application then DDA will say so, & u can then nail the banks. If you can figure out such a question post it here for benefit of all.

  49. Successful applicants will be given possession of their flats by mid-January,” said Neemo Dhar, DDA spokeswoman.
    Dhar said those who don’t get lucky in the lottery would get back their registration money from January. “Scrutiny of forms will be completed by November 20. “Once scrutiny is over, we will upload all the forms which will be eligible for the draw in our official website http://www.dda.org.in.” she said.

  50. I have submitted my DDA application No. 06817 (GE) through state Bank of India, Sector 22,chandigarh branch,I want to know how we check my application is considerd in DDA draw or throw -out by bank or DDA. Any way to check the status of my application.

  51. have submitted my DDA application to DDA Office Vikas Minaar near ITO, but now am not able to check the status of that particular application. Any way to check that pls let me know. At the time of submission DDA official told me they will put all the accepted application details on their site by mid of november but there is nothing. My application no. is 02165XX and 04125XX

  52. @ Everyone: I have some much awaited update for you. I just spoke with the person who processed the loan and my DDA app and he told me that though all the applications have been submitted, they have not been updated on the DDA website and so is the case with all the banks. He also told me that if i give him my DDA form number he can personally check the submission details with the DDA. I am awaiting his reply now. I suggest everyone to contact the person who submitted their form and ask for a confirmation.

  53. Hi,

    i have talked with DDA, database will be updated on website after 22 of nov. So wait more 4 days only you will be get detail on website .

  54. @ Everyone: Status of your apps is now available on DDA website, please check the update on this article for the link. Thanks to both Arun & Rhoit for sending in the info. 🙂

  55. I don’t think that info is right , can you pot there 0 only and then check status its will show you that Your application form has been received. so there is some thing wrong in DDA database

  56. @ Raj: I had tried the same thing in the morning and also a bunch of random numbers and i got “Your Application Form has been Received” thing for all.. I guess the DDA cannot do anything right. I hope people would try out the application numbers and post the result here so we can be sure if the DDA result is working or not.

  57. I think if data related to application status is not fully updated it should not be posted on DDA site, as it can cause stress on the mind of people whose application forms are received but not updated on site. Even bank will get a lot of query related to this.

  58. Does any one have application form which he did not submitt ?

    Check what status does the DDA site shows regarding that form ?

    If it shows that it has been received without being submitted then this whole DDA effort is a farce !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. My application Form has been received.Yippeee! but its still tough to get a flat

  60. DDA site stopped working, giving me following error

    OraOLEDB error ‘80004005’

    ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 2 ORA-04031: unable to allocate 4200 bytes of shared memory (“shared pool”,”TRIGGER$”,”sga heap”,”state objects”) ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 1 ORA-04031: unable to allocate 4200 bytes of shared memory (“shared pool”,”unknown object”,”sga heap”,”state objects”)

    /housing/results/connect_1.asp, line 8

  61. DDA simply put a web page and redirected it with text, Your application form has been received thats it . its don’t showing correct info.

  62. My form no. is 3543xx financed by Union Bank of India, F Block Connaught Place, New Delhi. Please let me know whether the same has been received at your end.

  63. @ Vivek: Looks like DDA website has been over loaded with queries.
    @ Raj: If Vivek is getting an SQL error that means DDA has not simply redirected to fixed status.
    @ Anita: Please visit the DDA website when the traffic is low (night time) and verify your application status.

  64. I have a Form which i didn’t submitted and the status of that form is You are requested to contact to the bank / branch with acknowledgement receipt. For Form number 04927XX. My other form is submitted and the status is postive on DDA site.

  65. DDA is doing well in a planned manner. We have today verified that our application has been received by dda but regn number has yet not been given by dda and no name has been confirmed by dda that in whose name the application has been recd by dda. i request to arrange the regn no alongwith name of applicant against each application. if possible, the draw of dda should be aranged to be live-cast on tv channels.

  66. guys, click on the above ‘registeration result’ and u’ll get ur application status. even I had the similar problem before on dda’s website but the link above shows the application has been successful

  67. Aloha!
    My registration number is showing as “received”. Just to ensure that they are not giving a false information, I typed in some numbers randomly and it gave me a regret message.
    Hey, we all thought that DDA is giving away houses at 50% of the prevalent market price. Now, with the market value of real estate so down, I dunno if even someone wins this draw, it is going to be of some profit to the owner. Besides, the loser would lose approximately 6-8 months of interest on 1,50,000 Rs (for those who opted for the payment instead of finance option).

  68. Whether the draw of dda will be transparent, the software of draw is genuine & im-partial or not. the draw should be telecast live on tv n the presence of media.

  69. Best of Luck guys!
    It is a game of probability.

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  71. i tried to find out the status of my application…but evrytime it shows ‘record not found’….can anyone let me knw is thr problem with the site or wot i eed to select in Scheme,Category and reserved category…..one more thng how many numbers does registration no. contain 5 or 6 or 7.

  72. Till date my form is not published in dda website. Look like Bank has not submitted at all.
    Well we all should go to consumner court? We already have the proof of submiting the forms so no excuse can me made from bank side as no matter what they should have submitted the form.

    Let me know if i am wrong.

  73. @ Rashi: The DDA link is no longer active, you need not have selected the scheme, category as the form to check the status was completely different.

    @ Deepak: Why did you not contact the bank? You should have done that last week. I have heard of people taking up the issue with the banks who’s app did not reach the DDA

  74. Even I am getting – No record found. I am worried about this. Can anyone help? I don’t know what to do next?

  75. Hi Prashant – Yes I did not contacted bank yet because I was not aware of such thing mentioned in the application form that I need check status on so and so date or month?

    However I kept trying to look for my application status on DDA website (http://dda.org.in/housing/results/reg_results.asp) and could never find my application number there.
    If I were pointing to the wrong link then again its because of DDA or the Bank who had never comunicated the right information.

    Please can you give me some pointer what to do now. Going consumner court is the only solution or any other way it can happen?

    Thanks for you help!

  76. @ Deepak & Priyanka: I not sure what you can do at this point of time, reason being that you have corssed the deadline for getting things sorted out with the Bank and the DDA. If you want to give it a try, contact the Director (Housing)-II, in ‘D’ Block Vikas Sadan, INA, New Delhi and see if he / she can help you with it. Of course you may want to contact you bank first.

  77. Hi,
    I have submitted my DDA forms. but till date my application status is not showing anywhere in DDA site. Even, I am not aware whether my application has been accepted by DDA or not. Please let me know, how the Axis bank, through which I submitted my form, is liable for this. What about Rs 5678/-, which they took at the time of registration if they not even process the application.

  78. Hi!

    2008 DDA Housing scheme is announcing before 15th Dec’08 ?
    how it is drawing on live telecast or through print media ?
    can I see the live drawing procedure on Television or how I know the result ?

    can you clear me ?

  79. Vijay Singh Bisht on December 1st, 2008 at 4:00 pm

    Dear Sir

    I applied for DDA housing scheme. But I am not aware of the fact that whether my application has been accepted or not.
    Link provided to check the same is not working. Plz help me on this issue. I want to know the status of the application.

  80. @ Vijay: Sorry but i no way of helping you out, the time has also elapsed for checking the application status, the best you can do is call the bank where you have submitted and they may have a internal way to check if you app has been submitted or not.

  81. Looks like banks have made huge money by cheating Delhities quoting by investing 5700/HDFC or 5990/ICICI one can be part of lottery….In future let us all not fall into teh pray of these banks and eat sukhi dal roti and atleast save 5700/5990 wasted….its our greed which banks are encashing…there is absolutely no way to check…I visited the branch where I thought I paid the money, Branch say we have nothing to do with that and it appears that the teams sitting outside banks in pandalls were jobless people hired on a daily wages to collect money on our behalf….no sure even bank got their share

  82. Hi ,

    Can any applicant who verified the successful receiving of form in the range 20-25 th November can check again and confirm if the current link is still having data and is valid


    I did not check in that period and the data it is giving now is record does not exist.

    Pls suggest whom to approach, I have the acknowledge receipt from ICICI bank, Punjabi Bagh dated 10th September 2008.

  83. Please see the link DDA Tender Notices for more information about latest DDA 2008 housing scheme.

    Looks like we have to keep watching DDA website or all major newspapers for timely actions. This will be useful for those who are so for lucky 🙂

  84. I talked to HDFC customer care, now they told me that the web will be update on 5 dec 08 after that you can check the status of your application on DDA website.

  85. Ashwani and dear friends,

    Why it is so complex? We Indian very quickly start feeling helpless because we are born brought up in such government system. It is time to wakeup. We should use our rights against such crooks. We have full right to get the information.

    I am sure if a legal body (law court) sees this as an official case then DDA and Banks will be in huge trouble and they will be directed to do justice. To get this done we have to action otherwise no one will come here read our blogs!

    Ok now, I believe DDA is also involved. We have made the draft in the name of DDA not the bank so the money will go to DDA account definitely, then how can DDA miss to have our names included in the draw?

    – We all have the proof of submitting the forms so no excuse can me made from bank side and DDA. They should have submitted the form and DDA has to include us in draw. Unless there is any discrepancy reported in our application forms.
    – DDA has to answer how they inform their customers about any changes in plan, & why the new plans have come into picture. What about people who do not have internet access at all? How they will get the information.
    – DDA engaged these crook banks to collect money from us; we did not go to them at our own wish.
    – No such thing mentioned in the application form that we need to check status on so and so date or month?

    We shall unite and file a case against them. I still believe in law institutions of our country.
    If we can show courage this time such things will minimize or not happen again. We all have responsibility to improve this system so that next generation doesn’t waste their time and money.

  86. The link dosent work and can anyone tell me what is to be entered in ” Category”!!



  87. @ Dheeraj: I think you are checking the wrong link for form status, the original link has been taken down by DDA, no other link will show you the status now.

  88. For people, who submit their application through AXIS bank, there are helpline numbers on which they are giving current status of your application. The numbers are (011)46502871-74.

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  91. DDA will hold the computerized Draw for allotment of flats before 15.12.2008.and update result at DDA’s website just after the Draw on the same day. But No such information avilable on Website.

  92. The draw is tomorrow on the 16th and will be up on the DDA website by 3PM. Good Luck everyone! 🙂

  93. Today is the draw , the process will start from 12 PM to 3 PM

    Results will be published on all National dailies.

    You can see the draw results at below link after 4 PM today 16 December 2008

    Good Luck and have a great new year …!! 🙂

  94. DDA Result is published on website main page! Good Luck Guys!!

  95. if anyone downloaded the PDF please share the same through Prashant.

  96. Is anybody able to download results from any site?

  97. DDA Draw Result web-site viz. [http://www.dda.org.in/tendernotices_docs/dec08/DRW_RSLT_DDA08.PDF] could not be accessed/opened inspite of all the efforts from 3 PM onwards today [16-12-08]. DDA should have provided proper “SERVER/ARRANGEMENTS” to ensure that the applicants could get the access to the DDA Web-site in a short time and have the full result of the draw. The arrangements madeby DDA are just not satisfactory. JS Batra

  98. DDA announcement to return money will be paid in January, surely? How much money will be deducted?

  99. Hi Guys,

    I am among the unlucky lot couldn’t get the DDA flats. Now I see a situation here, when I type my form number on DDA website to see my application status as “RECORD NO FOUND”. Even when I try to put Form Number of Guys who where Lucky enough to get DDA flats result remains same. I am not sure what’s happening on the website. Is there any one here on the blog who is facing same issue ??

    I am really worried about my 1.5Lac amount and praying it comes back to me asap.

    Any Response would be appreciated.


  100. @ Sumit: I also did not get the flat this time around… but my form number did display in the application status. DDA cannot fool around with peoples money and i am sure they will send a cheque back as promised by the 28th Dec.

  101. Siddhartha Tripathy on December 21st, 2008 at 9:58 am

    I too did not get a flat. I too faced a similar problem as Sumit:when I type my form number on DDA website to see my application status as “RECORD NO FOUND”.

    Can anyone suggest what needs to be done. Can I send an email to determine when they will refund my money.

  102. Thanks Prashant.

    Siddhartha Tripathy, many guys are facing the same problem what you see. Let’s wait for few days and give DDA some time to return our money.

  103. Has anyone got his refund of application money?
    I haven’t pls suggest what to do?

  104. Has anyone got his money back,kindly share

  105. Yes I got my money back

  106. I also didn’t get my money back till now.
    Where to get the information regarding that? Any idea

  107. I have also not received back the payment, where should i contact. I deposited the amount in ICICI bank.

  108. Abhishek sinha on January 2nd, 2009 at 1:36 pm

    Hi Vijay, can you let us know that by which mode the money has been refunded to you by dda. its direct credit/cheque or draft.
    thanks in advance

  109. raju please share once u got ur money,i also deposited in icici

  110. […] Delhi Development Authority (DDA) Housing Scheme 2008, under which 5,238 flats were up for grabs last month, has come under police […]

  111. I have also not received back the money, which I deposited in ICICI.

  112. I had submitted my application form no.645329 for DDA Flat, at ICICI Bank, Dwarka, Delhi -75, on dt.08/09/2008, by bank check no.009803 issued by Bank of India.I have not to been told my application status till now, kindlly confirm my application status. Thanks, Surinder kumar

  113. I have also not received back the payment, where should i contact.

  114. Indranil Bhattacharya on January 5th, 2009 at 5:06 pm

    Even I havn’t received my money back (deposited through ICICI bank) and the DDA website shows “Record Not Found” for my application as well. I called the DDA today @ 39898911 and they asked to wait for a couple of days more…

    At least the DDA can update their website with what the status of the application is, I mean whether they’ve sent the payment to the bank etc.

  115. DDA should be courteous to their applicants in rendering services to the public who shows so much faith in govt.Had smt. Indira Gandhi would have seen this situation,the champion of social class leader would have tought lessons to dda officals for ungrateful service.The DDA tree was planted by her for middle/lower income group people for providing shelter to them on hire-purchase basis.The financial terrorists have made it up-side down in connivence with our present guardian of the system.Will media look into it deeply with unbiased mind .

  116. Just to let everybody know that I have finally received payment from ICICI green park branch thro courier. the cheque they sent was printed since 18/12/08

  117. Prashant Malhotra on January 14th, 2009 at 4:20 pm

    This draw is complitley true. I am sure more than 95% who have been successful in this draw are just lucky and DDA started d allotments for the flats for lucky winner as soon as possibel, after complite veryfication form DDA OR ANY GOVT agency BCOZ I am lucky winner and alloted a flat and we do not know even a single person in DDA.

  118. Weather DDA officials would send their reccommondatons to other govt. deptt.by being roll model in public service matters about sending Bankers cheque of 31-12-2008 of DDA HOUSING SCHEME_2008 to applicants perhaps without any forwarding/covering letter through POST OFFICE speed post recipt dated 16-1-2009 pasted on envelop to conceal delay on office records.This is computor-age so Banker’s cheque issuing branch S.B.I.vikas sadan received by the applicant on 19-1-2009 would take another 4-5days to get it credited in applicant’s bank accounts.DDA has no regrts for losing in lottery by applicants.If you agree write,donot agree do write to cribb.

  119. Siddhartha Tripathy on January 22nd, 2009 at 10:14 am

    hi all,

    I have still not received the money. Any idea, whom to write about this i.e., any email they have. I am sorry to say but the mess DDA is creating is unwarranted for by a govt agency.

  120. DDA/DELHI GOVT./ GOVT. OF INDIA’s —–In System Chief amongest the perpetrators of corrupt practices are accountants,bankers,lawyers and other financial intermediatries who know the worlds financial system and use their expertise to sheild CORRUPT ACTIVITIES both at home and abroad.Who can dare to be their whistle -blower??. CRORES OF RUPEES IS SIPHONED OFF in each F.Y. FROM GOI ACCOUNTS BOOKS to which late Rajive Gandhiji P.M. hinted by saying that 01 rupee given by govt. reaches 10 paisa to public in India, unfortunately he was over powered by similar Financial authorties by directly implicating him in BOFORES purchase deal in a calculated move by … and his voice went in silence for ever!!