SpiceJet #1 Airlines in Delhi… Really?

Most of the times when I feature an advertising on cribb.in it is usually because it might not be making much sense, sometimes the advert is claiming something which it is not and then on occasions such as this, the advertiser claims are so skewed that there are near false. Why do they do this? Because there is not law against false adverting… and that consumers are so gullible that decision can get swayed with just one false ad.

Have a look at the ad below where Spice Jet is claiming to be the Number 1 Airlines in Delhi. I accepted the ad on its face value… until I read the fine print “The number of passengers who flew in February 2009”

How can an Airline claim to be #1 with statistics of just one month? With this in mind, there can be 12 different carriers which can claim to be #1 each month. Sounds really stupid.

SpiceJet Delhi

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