Millennium School Noida

The Millennium School, where your child can meet HIS talent… what about HER talent? Is the school partial towards boys… what happens to the girl child? If a school can give this kind of an advertisement in the national newspaper, would you really want your child to go to such a school?

Millennium School Noida

3 Responses to “Millennium School Noida”

  1. sadly,we indians,esp the so called educated ones,will find something to crib about and lose sight of the real message.instead of being touchy about ‘his’ and ‘her’(which incidentally is a very ghisa pita objection,like why ‘mankind’ and not womankind’ etc etc ),you should visit the school and the principal and her ideology she preaches and practises to know how immature,foolish and unreal your suppositions are.ever heard about guessing a book by its cover…

  2. Asha, I completely agree with what you are saying and i am sure the principal is all that you describe her to be but like any organization the head of the org, in this case the principal is ultimately the front face for the public and is responsible for everything even if the duty has been delegated to others. In the above case,i think a school making such a biased statement (even by mistake) in the MEDIA highlights that even today these things are taken very lightly. I agree that we are stuck with words like Mankind but is that any excuse to repeat such mistakes again and again?

  3. Its sad to read that people still go by advertisements in the media and cant make their own judgment. What Asha means is that had lousy school got their advertisement right, then she would go to that school, but if a good school gets their advertisement wrong, then she would not go there. I think the school is well off without such students belonging to such parents. I dnt know if the school is good or bad, but I would definately visit the princy once to take a call and not go by their advertisements.