KFC Chicken Bucket Commercial

You must have seen this commercial many times already, I know I am a little late in posting this article but what the heck! So hear goes… The advertisement shows 5 friends cramped up in a small Volkswagen Beetle and eating KFC chicken from the bucket (except the driver who is not eating) , The next scene is that out of no where the car has met with an accident and is upside down and now even the driver is eating the chicken.

This clearly demonstrates the hazards of eating KFC while driving… as soon as the driver took a bite of the chicken; he lost his mind and crashed the car. You wouldn’t want this to happen to you?

4 Responses to “KFC Chicken Bucket Commercial”

  1. KFC is addictive & i’m sure majority would agree with me on it… besides the ad clearly shows the driver savouring the chicken after the accident(as you too have written above)…in fact the carmates seem to be in a trans state with their chicken pcs.which most of our yogic gurus try hard to get across to their followers…maybe Baba Ramdev should introduce KFC buckets in his meditation sessions.

    P.S-Sincere suggestion for the KFC ad agency-they could take royalty from Volkswagon company and the seat belt company for promoting the fantastic performance of their products.

  2. Punjabi Tandoori Chicken ( PTC )is far better in taste than KFCs. KFCc ae just making fool of phorenminded Indians

  3. Hey!! just commenting on the ad and not comparing cuisines..sure PTC’s grrrrt!!

  4. Ad is not very catchy..after the accidental escape, the guys should have been shown celebrating for theirs being alive with whisky pegs while savouring KFCs