When Will This End?

Delhi Blasts Victims, Pic Taken from HT

It took me 2 days to write something about the Delhi blasts, not because I did not have time but the reason is that I did not know what to say. I am genuinely disturbed by this incident, so many innocent people have died and countless families have been displaced. I read in the newspaper that the President, Prime Minister and Sonia Gandhi all were appealing to people to stay calm and be brave… how do you expect people who have lost their loved ones to stay calm? Considering there is hardly any relief effort from the government.

It pains me to see politicians announcing high level meetings everytime something like happens, yet there is no stopping terrorism. Their views and plans keep changing as per their political stability and no collective effort is made to make the country more stable.

What is the intelligence doing? I am sure they would have had a tip off for the blasts then why could not they stop them from going off… and if they did not have any report then why are they so lousy at their jobs in the first place. I keep hearing that government is thinking of making another branch to counter terrorism in India, honestly If the Police, CBI and the IB can’t do the job then how will another agency help? Maybe it will help in playing the blame game.

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