MCD Gives Commonwealth a Helping Hand

Flooded flyover underpass in Dwarka - taken from HT

MCD has taken into its own hand to speed-up the work of Commonwealth Games. The photograph above seems like a underpass flooded with water on National Highway 8 but in real, this is MCD’s backup plan to have a standby swimming pool ready just in case Commonwealth body cannot come up with one on time. They even placed a swimmer in the water to show how serious they are to the commitment.

Though their make shift pool is ready in various parts of Delhi, it’s is only during the rains that it becomes available. Commonwealth Games committee has given thumbs up to this new concept and has arranged a special hawan to please the God’s in case their facility is not ready and if there are no rains on the day of the swimming event.

Of course the swimmers will have to deal with the foul smell in the sewer like water but then at least they get to swim. All in the spirit of the games!

Jai Ho MCD!

3 Responses to “MCD Gives Commonwealth a Helping Hand”

  1. Well, I would have understood and kept quiet, had this been an old construction or an old underpass just giving governmnet a benifit of doubt thinking they did not have enough of money or just due to sudden rise in population they could not assess the load on infrastructure or due to unstability in government these things happened but not in this case where the government is aware of all the facts , they understand very well the problems which rains can cause and therefore things have to be built taking every possible problem which may come in account especially when it is a new construction and the government has surplus funds . Though i voted for the best of the lot (as per me), still the best has not proved good to me.

  2. It’s high time that MCD should realize they r not doing their job well. The money we pay as tax from our hard earned money should be used for improving infrastructure and not to increase bank balance of renowned government officials. This scene which we can see was not only on NH-4 but also at various other places on Tuesday .Delhi was in complete mess due to poor infrastructure and that too on new built facilities .At Moolchand flyover, Lajpat Nagar there was a stoppage time of 35 min just to cross that bridge…reason poor drainage system, water had got clogged and that’s not all till Wednesday morning, MCD didn’t do anything to clear water blockage. The list isn’t over – travel time from Khan Market to Lajpat Nagar which is 15 to 20 min drive took 2.5 hrs. Delhi was in complete trap of after affects of rain with no person to help. This is situation of New Delhi – the so called capital of India .If Delhi is facing such trauma its shame to higher authorities as Delhi been capital should set an example for other cities to face emergences .This mess on Monday and Tuesday is contribution of MCD ,traffic police as even there weren’t there to control traffic .

  3. Infact we always come out with problems and not the solution cum sggestion in general.Flooding is neither new nor surprising in the present administrative set up of power and responsibility senario.What is alarming the authorities are immune to such incidences because they have done the part of their job of construction and got their payment released to the party in connivance with finance accounts,administration and executing engineers of MCD.Tactfully framing tenders and getting it approved from admnistration and finnance accounts without seeking warranty clause for smooth services on use atleast for a period 2years.Skipping of such vital terms conditions from the tender helps make every body happy viz contractor, executing agency, finance accounts and share commission/gifts later on with out any risk.After the commission part is over the work or the site would be given to another/third party supervisor to maintain it.If this guy complaints, he would creat problem for himself so best is to gain time for 4/5 years to enable them to take up repair works justifibaly in order to remove the problem visulaised recently.Unless the expenditure powers are decentralised and linked with speaking responsibility in no ambigious terms,third party role will i.e. inquiry etc will come into play to dilute the ownous of the responsibility.A collective master mind desigen could be tackled collectively with honest help of print or visual media only,Your efforts to ventilate the defects in public interest is good,but the system is thick skinned.