Online Shaadi Getting TRP

It maybe borderline mind numbing stupidity or could be called “marketing genius” by a few but this trend of online matrimonies is on the rise. Every serial on TV these days wants to cash on the Shaadi episode… why?

I have a few ideas of my own. Feel free to add yours in the comment box below.

1. Basic target audience is Women
2. Marriages are the best time to gossip… yes even if they are fake TV marriages.
3. They get to see some designer dresses, and imagine themselves in one.
4. The same would go for jewelry.
5. They will look at other eligible bachelors attending the wedding and see if a hook up is possible. 😉
6. They would look at the bride and imagine themselves instead of her.
7. Most would agree that the bride looks a little fat. Hahah!
8. Last but not the least… everyone would wait on the edge of their seat in the anticipation of something going terribly wrong and the wedding being called off.

Shaadi for TRP

7 Responses to “Online Shaadi Getting TRP”

  1. I am sure you are gonna receive loads of comments especially from girls.

  2. ohk…so this wat u think evrytime wenevr u attend a wedding..huh..;)
    and now u hv a point to own a matrimonial site as its giving huge profit …wat say..???

    take care..

  3. @ dreaming eyes: thats not how i think but i am sure girls do 🙂

  4. Same in the south too! Women and TV = Sugar and Chai!

  5. how u can be so sure abt gals.. 😉
    pls explain…. 😉

  6. ya i agree with dreaming eyes that how can one be sure about what gals think – they r toughest subject to study and men cant.For women marriage is sacred institution

  7. @ Kushi & Dreaming eyes: Please be honest and tell me that you girls have never gossiped during a marriage, checked out the dresses and made comments about the bride / groom EVER?