India Ranked the Worst Bureaucracy

India the Worst Bureaucracy - pic taken from HT

Below is the excerpt taken from HT epaper, seems like India is worse off than Pakistan!

It was once called the steel frame of the British Raj. Today, the Indian bureaucracy is a rusty parody of its former self. Meant to be the interface between the government and the citizen, it usually leaves citizens seething, or in despair.

A driver’s licence, an electricity connection, a birth certificate – it’s virtually impossible to get any of these without paying out bribes at every stage or taking days off work to stand in serpentine queues, waiting for officials to return from three-hour lunch breaks.

Just last month, a report by Hong Kong-based Political & Economic Risk Consultancy ranked India’s bureaucracy the worst among 12 nations it surveyed in Asia, including Thailand, Vietnam and China.

The report tagged our babudom “suffocating” and full of “slow and painful” processes.

8 Responses to “India Ranked the Worst Bureaucracy”

  1. That it is bad everyone except the politicians & the bureaucrats know. The question really is – what can we do about it?


  2. You can wake a person who is sleeping ,but not awaken person.Corruption is a well organised way of working in almost in all govt offices and is no secrete now a days,where lower level govt servants works as commission agents for seniors in their disciplene e.g.admnistrative cadre,accounts cadre/financial cadre,which is common in all kinds of offices.Administrative corruption is comming in a big way in offices of govt.Tactful orders,diverted capicity posting, Unclear transfer policy,Holding disciplinary proceedings,exploitation of technical posts with support of finance accounts is posing a big threat to good governance anywhere.Work jurisdiction area is diluted .

  3. The cancer of corruption spreading like wildfire. The Indian political system is root cause of all the maladies. Out dated education system mass producing ignorant people without values, who indulging in corrupt practices.Education and awareness alone solve this problem.

  4. Dear Parveenben you are right but how could you blame education system for the corruption in India.Let me explain you by one example:Barring few exceptions of harassments, We have all witnessed the improvement in billing and supply of eletricity with the majority of same old staff in Delhi when DESU deptt was handed over to private players.The govt did not bother to find out why the DESU was a utter failure but private players are sucessful,is it not a shameful things for a govt??.Politicians and bureaucrates who are the modern kings are happy to see that their baby is nurtured by the others,and the courruption practiced in the past is burried and diluted automatically.By changing the players from govt to private does not mean that politicion/bueraucrates has elliminated courruption from it, they have simply changed the level of corruption beneficiaries.By elliminating Engineer’s lobby from..politicion, bureaucrates,financial functionaries and top private players lobby in transfer of govt subsidy/funds courruption.Don’t you agree? how education system will help in solving the problem of corruption in practice.

  5. Our bureucrates are very intelligent,media possess a remote control to help operate govt. machinery.No authority was involved in the DDA HOUSING-2009 scame is finding’s of inquiry,thus DDA got the clean chit in the episode, of draw of lottery/processing of registered application and what not.The media should applaude DDA working and support the name of the authority for HONEST,FAIR and prompt services rendered to the public.The whistle blower should be given capitol punishment ruthelessly in public place so as to teach a lesson to others on account of giving false information about an HONEST deptt.It is clear that no corruption is possible without taking into confidence of finance/accounts authority not only in DDA but in all the govt offices because they are master mind person not involved directly any where but nothing is possible without their scrutiny/or note on files.No authority has wondered how can it happen without involvement of DDA officer,simply putting blame on few person now not in service DDA is sufficient to diffuse the matter. It need of the hour is to ponder over the issue and help open the concealed truth,in the wake of honble PM’s address to CBI deptt by all of us.

  6. india as a nation is very diversified,personally what i feel is that there is a complex virtual system has been developed post independence,,being a democracy the entire system is concentrated around the peoples representative,i.e,our politition.and according to there needs the entire system has been moulded,.in this kind of adverse situation the bureaucrats does not have more to do in the system ,,,even they are meritorious,they have concerned about the system,so expecting more out of them is not logical..we will have to give them full rights to implement the rules and regulation.

  7. Dear sarfaraz I agree to some extent,politicians infact are people’s representatives and are policy makers/law makers or the authority deployers for implementing/executing the work as per rules/law prevaling in the ministery controlled by them but certainly they are not executives.No law is corrupt in itself but lecuna is that you can interprett law the way you like,a meritorious administrator (whether from accounts, admn.,technical)is a master mind officer who can use &apply the rule based on maxim’you show me the face I will show you the rule’efficiently and effectively.It is an open secret that as for as possible all bureaucrates/polticians inducts their own man on allocation of the deptt/ministery.Media is tactfully persuaded through lure of getting favour for advt etc etc. .MONEY MAKES THE MERE GO.Now who can dare to blow the whistle except media.All govt deptt has devised a system of addressing acomplaint.Victimise the complainer, the complaint will be automatically settled or hold the inquiry that never reveal clear picture,and the complaint will die its natural death in due course.

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