DDA Selling Old Flats

Tip sent in by Ashok and this article was published in Mid-Day

Excerpt from the article is below

As many as 1500 flats, out of the 5000 being offered by the DDA in its housing scheme, are old and had either been surrendered to the authority or their allotment cancelled.

However, the offer scheme does not mention this fact and the city’s development behemoth is selling the old flats at par with the ones that are newly constructed.


According to sources, these 1500 flats were constructed in the late nineties. In Dwarka, Pitampura and Vasant Kunj alone, over 300 flats on offer were constructed before 2002. The remaining 1,200 are the ones which remained unsold in the housing schemes of 2004 and 2006. These are situated in areas such as Narela and Rohini.

The DDA scheme has been a huge hit, attracting over seven lakh applications already.

“It is difficult to count, but there are over 1500 flats of this kind (old and unsold). They were constructed over a period of time,” confirmed a senior official on condition of anonymity. DDA spokesperson Neemo Dhar admitted that there were flats offered in the Housing Scheme which were either surrendered or their allotment cancelled.

One Response to “DDA Selling Old Flats”

  1. Intending applicants should be aware that the their application will not be attracting draw in all the 5000 flats. There is a catch in this preference. I feel that only first preference given will include the names of such applicants only, as it is very likely that there will be more number of applicants than the number of flats available for each localty code. As such all first preference applicants will finish the flats in one stroke and by taking all the flats in the first preference category, there will be hardly any scope for second,third… preference.