Affordable Housing For All

Update: 27th Aug: Are you planning to take a loan on the 1.5 Lakhs down payment? The process is relatively simple in HDFC bank. If you hold an account there you would need the following documents:

1. Cheques (2) – First cheque for Rs. 6600 and the other of Rs. 1,5 L (as security, will not be cashed till you are allotted the flat otherwise it will be destroyed)
2. Photographs (2)
3. Copies of PAN number and address proof. (Self Attested)
4. Bank statement for the last 3 months.
5. The DDA form itself. (Don’t fill out the form, as there are certain things which the HDFC bank people will fill out)

Total time taken to do the procedure: 30 min

Update: Do NOT rely on DDA website to find the forms, after spending 15 min i could not even locate the 2008 housing scheme. If anyone did find out the exact location of the forms online, please let us know by leaving it in the comment form below.

DDA announces their 2008 housing scheme for 5000 ready to move in flats all over Delhi. This may be your last chance to buy a affordable flat in some of the prime locations of Delhi.

Read the details below

– Approx. 5,000 ready-to-move-in, One / Two / Three Bedroom / Expandable Flats are on offer mainly in the following areas:

Pitampura, Dilahad Garden, Rohini, Lok Nayak Puram, Paschim Vihar, Narela, Dwarka, Shalimar Bagh, Vasant Kunj, Bindapur and Motia Khan.

– Allotement will be on Freehold basis.

– Only one person in a family can submit one application.

– One person can submit one application only.

Applicant must have a Permanent Accoun Number (PAN). Allotted under the Income Tax Act.

– The prescribed Application form can be purchased on payment of Rs. 100/- from the ‘DDA Sales Counter, Vikas Sadan, New Delhi, between 10:30 A.M. and 4.30 P.M, from 6.8.2008 to 16.9.2008

– The Application form will also be available from selected Branches of the Banks mentioned below:

AXIS Bank, IDBI Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, State Bank of India (Vikas Sadan), Central Bank of India (Vikas Sadan), Union Bank of India (Nehu Place)

– Application form can also be downloaded from DDA’s website:

– Last date for submission of Application form is 16.9.2008

For further details, please contact Director (Housing) –II , Vikas Sadan, New Delhi Phone: 24690723

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  1. Yogesh Kashyap on August 2nd, 2008 at 10:00 am

    Sir, My name is yogesh kashyap. I am interested Getting Flat & for this purchasing form of this flat. But i don’t have pan card i only have a my personal saving account. So pls tell can i able to get this form and purchasing flat.Pls tell me i can get this form from to internet. Reply me as early as possible.

  2. Yogesh, in my personal opinion… there is still time to fill the form as the last date is not for another month, so why don’t you apply for a PAN card otherwise you may not be elligible for the allotement. I would still suggest you contact the Director on the phone number mentioned in the article above and get the correct info.

  3. Dear Sir
    Can you guide for following:
    1 my residence address in gurgaon can i eligible for apply
    2 What a payment terms (in %)

  4. Surendra, i am sorry but i don’t have an answer to that i suggest you call the Director of Housing.

  5. I am not able to locate link for above mentioned form on dda website can you give me its link if possible

  6. Gagan, the link we be on DDA’s website from the 6th onwards.

  7. what could be the price tag for each kind of flats ?

  8. must be one of the
    least useful web sites in the world.

    Search results are a waste of time. It produces long lists of
    links almost all with identical description:

    Complete information on the activities of the Delhi Development Authority, including tenders and notices, contact details and
    various forms and guidebooks.

    The Application Form Generator returns a silly error
    message and no form.

  9. Agreed on the website part. You cannot open the website – its so slow and if you are lucky enough that it opens then you can not find anything. It has stupid headings and you cant kno where the relevant information is.

  10. AM: I agree with you 100%, the website is completely useless… why can’t they have a simple functional website? I tried to call the Director of Hosuing (24690723) but guess what… the phone number does not work either.

  11. I am Ajay, could you tell me that will applicant submit registration money along with the forms? how much money and by cash or by dd? and when and where form can submit?

  12. Hi, the dda forms link on the dda website is in the news flashes inside a box on the righthandside of the webpage. it is blinking, so will have to look for it carefully.


    here is the link on dda website for the housing scheme 2008.

    dda not bad after all ;o)

  14. Sumeet! You are wrong, given link by you is only displayed the Application Form, not the details of Housing Scheme. For example please see Greater Noida Authority’s Website Please don’t mind.

  15. DDA IS WELCOMING ON TELEPHONE NO. 42895566 AND IS ONLY SPEAKING WELCOME TO DDA Our timings are 8.A.M to 6.00 P.M but after than it disconnects the no. I have tried this no. at 5.33 PM and 5.41 P.M but no response. What to do ?

  16. Do one should belong to Delhi for applying for the DDA houses. Does one needs proof of staying in Delhi?. Is there any reservation for servicemen in allottment of flats?

  17. Tejpal Narang on August 6th, 2008 at 9:41 pm

    I think DDA bosses must have forgotten that the dept. has a website about which they have mentioned in their ads,to upload the form required for booking of the flats.I dont know if they have the format ready?As usual Indian Babus have again proved to forget_ it is by DEFAULT.

  18. Hello all,the DDA website is not at all user friendly.With the link given by Mr Sumeet i cud download the appli form.There arn’t any details or brochure giving mandatory details.What’s the point in giving half baked details and wasting my time ,efforts and money.Can any resposible official of DDA would care to clarify,Please!

  19. himanshu mehra on August 7th, 2008 at 9:35 am

    i wana apply for this housing scheam i download a from from ur website is it valid for this or in this form i need to mentioned the area for which i wish to purchase the flat so whts the prosisure for this

  20. I downloaded form and browser but no able to view some text of hindi . Counld anybody tell me which font has be be used to view contents.


  22. ALSO


  24. Don’t bother downloading forms from the Internet as you will have to pay Rs. 100 additional in DD when you go to deposit those forms. It’s better to buy the pinted forms so that there is no confusion.

  25. parveen kumar on August 9th, 2008 at 8:55 pm

    i m resident of punjab m i eligible for filling the form????wat is d general category code???

  26. Any Indian citizen can apply. General category code is GE

  27. Hi.. my self neha…sir/mam
    could you plz tell me the terms and condition applying for housing scheme 2008. let me know the procedure also. waiting 4 ur reply..

  28. where do we have to submit the forms for housing scheme

  29. I am bharat could you pls tell me the bank branches name from where i can collect the forms.

  30. Hi,
    Please let me know, how can I apply through Banks by just paying Rs 6000 one told me we can apply like this also, Currently I am in USA on assignment but I really want to apply for this.
    Thanks & Regards

  31. Ankur & Bharat: Just call any HDFC / ICICI / AXIS bank and they will let you know where you can deposit and collect the forms.

  32. Mitthan, i don’t have much info on the loan thing either, why don’t you call any bank from the US and talk to their customer care?

    Neha: Terms and conditions are mentioned above, alternatively you can download their pdf from the DDA website for more details.

  33. I am an Indian and living in England. I want to apply for a flat/land through DDA. Could you please advice me on following point: – PAN no
    – Name of bank or brach(UK or India?)
    – Address/Telephone no (UK or India)
    – Category code
    – Residential address (will it be fron india or UK)
    – Draft from bank from England(sterling pounds)
    Or from Indian bank in rupees.

  34. Niru: Do you have a PAN number? because without that you will not be elligible to apply.

  35. You can upload the form from the site of DDA.BUt you can not find the broucher ,which can give you the code required to fill the form.I do not know how to get that information. Secondly where to deposit this form is also not given.Thirdly the bank branches where this form is available is not known,even the branches of the bank do not know in which branch this formm is available. this type of information given on site is of no use. the public should bring these to the notice of Delhi Govt and other authorties.I think we are making the public fool

  36. Everyone: Use this link to download the DDA brochure for all info on how to apply and where to submit form etc etc.

  37. Hi Prashant, I have PAN card but don;t the exact address proof they are looking for. Can I submit company address….. or what do you suggest.

    I would really appriciate if you can reply on my email address

    Kamal Kishore{IBM}

  38. Hi,
    I wanted to enquire that is it necessary that while filling a form a person has to attach a demand draft of rupees one lakh and fifty thousand.

  39. Bhupesh: Yes, you have to submit the draft along with the form.

  40. Hi,
    I wanted to enquire that is it necessary that while filling a form a person has to attach a demand draft of rupees one lakh and fifty thousand. Whether the person is dissable (PH)

  41. Hi: I am a resident of the US and interested in this scheme. I just found out about it.

    Being an NRI, can I apply? I don’t have a PAN card but a valid indian passport? will that be proof enough?

    And, in case after ALL the formalities, my application is processed but I am NOT alloted an apartment, how do we get refunded for the money?

  42. dear sir, i wish to apply for dda flat in delhi,i am having the PAN nobut residing in zirkpur(pb). kindly advise how to get the form and apply for dda flat in delhi.surinder kaushal.

  43. contact union bank of india branches in chandigarh, perhaps they may help for loan as well. contact branch manager at 01722781927

  44. Sir,
    i am interested in applying to the above said dda flats scheme
    my problem is that as in earlier cases some of the banks like axis bank had been financing the margin money as the banks have the same scheme now as well and which is the nearest bank to dharmashala in your openion. Please guide me . I am a resident of dharmshala.

  45. Sir,

    I have misplaced the Ad for 5000 flats and am unable to think about: Situation of flats for preference, Where to submit form, If there is necessity to deposit for the internet downloaded forms and how, if father and son can apply, etc. Can it be convenient to communicate to me and some other people like me. I reside outside Delhi and find it difficult to know of this information. Please do help.


    Suresh Mittal

  46. Suresh: Please read the previous comment by me, which contains the link to download the digital DDA brouchure… which has answers to all your questions.

  47. Is any bank financing the registration amount required to fill the DDA form application?

  48. My Questions are
    1> Can outside delhi person (UP resident) apply for this scheme?
    2>Can he write cossepnding address of delhi & paramant address of UP with UP address proof.

  49. @ Jaspreet: HDFC for sure is, Axis should be one but i can’t sat that 100%

    @ Bakunth: Any Indian citizen can apply. UP address should not be a problem, though i would request you to read the DDA Brochure on this or call the authority.

  50. Hi,

    Request your advice on the following on which I hear conflicting views. Incase I own a flat in Delhi can I apply for the DDA Housing Scheme 2008, if the house I own a)is not a DDA house b)is a DDA house?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

    Warm Regards,


  51. @ Gaurav: I don’t think you can apply if you own a DDA flat already, but not 100% if it is the same for non DDA flats.

  52. Hi sir,

    I want to get a DDA flat.I get a application form by internet.But I
    have a probleme to fill the application form in coloum 8 .
    sir I belong to general catogree,and I have no any code number which is fill in this coloum.
    sir please can u help me for above problem.
    please help me as soon as possible.

  53. Can a father and a daughter-in-law(already seperated but living in a same house and same address for Pan Card) apply for the DDA Flat together or not ? Please reply as soon as possible.

  54. @ Vinod: GE is the short for General Category
    @ Jagriti: As far as i know only one address is allowed per applicant even if the pan is different and the people living in the house are not related. I would request you to confirm that by calling the DDA office.

  55. rajiv kumar singh on August 31st, 2008 at 8:10 am

    I am in defence and posted in vally of kashmir. on inquiry it is learnt that personal appearance for submission of application is required. may i know is there any other solution to this ?

  56. I understand that in case of having a jointly owned flat/ plot in delhi people can apply for dda housing scheme2008 if area of plot is less than 133.8 sqm providing each one have a 50% share. In case nothing is mention about sharing during registration of jtly owned flat/plot, same figure 133.8 sqm remain valid. Mr. prashant may elucidate p/l.
    – Aravind

  57. @ Rajiv: I don’t think personal appearance is required at the time of submitting the application.
    @ Aravind: As far as i knew, joint owners also could not apply for the DDA scheme but the info which you gave is new to me so i am not sure if it would work or not. If you do get the answer, please comment here to benefit all readers.

  58. I got an email from Arvind, and this is what he had to say: It seems to me as per eligibility mentioned in DDA forms. At art 2. III it says “… If however, individual share of the applicant in the jointly owned plot or land under the residential house/flat is less than 66.9 sq. mtrs he-she can apply under this scheme”.

  59. Link to download brochure and generate form is

    Nowhere is it mentioned that residential proof should be of Delhi, but it is also not mentioned that proof can belong to outside of Delhi. What is mentioned is residential proof required. Applicant must be a citizen of India.

    Residential proof thing is dubious.

  60. you are doing a really appriciable job. keep on helping people who are in need of your assistance.

  61. Boss! I own a flat on individual basis which is less than 50 yards..I went to the Axis branch and they told me that I was eligible as it is less than 80 yards. So, I filled up the form. Now, some people tell me that the condition of a flat/flat being less than 80 yards is only applicable in case of joint owners. Please help me know what should I do not to lose my 1.5 lacs. As DDA is authorized to forfeit my 1.5 lacs. Can I get my form cancelled? If yes how?? or I should wait till the draw is done and if I go lucky, I will then sell my existing flat to get this new one.

  62. @Austin: The condition is based on joint ownership and not single ownership. I would suggest you call the DDA office and sort this out unless you are feeling very lucky that you wil get the flat and then get away with DDA knowing that you own one already. I am sure you are not alone on this… people make mistakes and DDA must have some provision for it as well.. so call them and find out.

  63. @Austin: Why don’t you confront people at the AXIS bank who gave you the wrong info?

  64. Hi ,
    i want to know about column 12 of DDA form “Preference code”. What is the significance of this. Does it mean that our application would be considered for “Lucky Draw” only for those areas for which we have given the preference. Or if we get our name in lucky draw then only they will consider the preference order to allot the flat. They said you can fill xx if you don’t want any preference. if i want my application to consider for all flats then ????

  65. One more question guys in DDA form in column 5 . NAME OF THE BANK BRANCH AND ACCOUNT No. This is These
    bank details would be printed on the refund cheque along with
    the name and refund cheque can be deposited in that account. What about the case when you are taking loan say from SBI bank…. then do you need to give SBI loan account No.

  66. @ Parmjeet: I think the name will be in the lucky draw and then the officials will see which flats would have set in your prefrence. As for filling XX.. don’t leave this blank, fill it with some other locality code even if you are not interested in the locality.. may just increase you chance is too many people have already been allotted you first preference flats. If you are taking a loan then you do not need to fill in the Account details and the correspondence address as they will be filled by the bank you take the loan from.

  67. @Prashant thanks for the reply man. one thing i want to ask, Do the preference will limit my application only to the flats which i mentioned in the preference list.

  68. One of the questions above had one from someone living in the USA, but there was no answer given. My question is the same. If someone living in the USA applies, and doesnt qualify in the draw, how does he get his refund if he has no local address to give in India.

    Where will the draft that is returned be sent?


  69. @ Parmjeet: yes the preference is limited to the options you have mentioned on the form.
    @ Sriband: How are you planning to submit the app in the first place? Both ICICI and SBI have offices in the USA and both banks are financing the DDA advance installment, so would it be possible for you to get intouch with them and get the thing financed so you don’t have to worry about the correspondence address if you are not alloted the flat or even if you are. This way the banks will be notified and you can always check with the bank.

  70. I Would like to know the payment system after allotment it will be one time or in instalment.

  71. After allotment, the payment will be payable one time to DDA. For instalment facility, you will have to seek loan from a bank.

  72. I have purchased an LIG DDA Flat some years back. We are not the original allotees; the Power of Attorney of this flat is in my wife’s name. The area of this flat is less than 80 sq. yds. The Big Question is ….. AM I ELIGIBLE TO APPLY IN DDA 2008 Housing Scheme ?

  73. Mridul Kumar Jha on September 9th, 2008 at 4:05 pm

    Hi sir,

    I want to get a DDA flat.I get a application form by internet.But I
    have a probleme to fill the application form in coloum 8 .
    sir I belong to general catogree,and I have no any code number which is fill in this coloum.
    sir please can u help me for above problem.
    please help me as soon as possible.


  74. @ Mridul: The code is GE, this is already mentioned in the comments above also you should download the brochure from the DDA website which will help you fill the form.. agian the link is mentioned in the comments above, please read them.

  75. Thomas: Istrongly feel that since you/your wife have not got transferred/registered the flat in your /your wife name, you can very well apply for the DDA flat.

  76. I have a pucca house in delhi around 42 sq meter. can i fill the dda form 2008 scheme.

  77. Hi,

    I have a query regarding the form submissin which will be done by the HDFC bank, they informed that this can be checked at DDA site but i didn’t find any link which will allow me to do so.

    Can you please give me that link so that i can assure of my form being submitted?

  78. […] A couple of amendments have been made by DDA for then 2008 scheme, please read the below so you know what they are. Just a reminder that only 5 days are left for the scheme. You can also read a lot of unofficial questions on DDA 2008 scheme. […]

  79. @ Deepak + Everyone: Here is the link to check the results, payment etc for the DDA forms which you have submitted.

  80. Dear sir

    kindly send me details how can i mention the bank details in a short line.

    where I mentioned the pan card details form contain only pan no. coloum(I am enclosed a photocopy of PAN card but dont have any letter from income tax department)

    I dont have any land line no. can i mention my mobile no in the landline coloum no.

    I have a joint a/c with my wife as a second name in my a/c. I am applying by the name of my wife.

  81. HI,
    Ihave a MIG society flat which we purchased some years back,its on power of attorney , I am not the original alloty.I want to know that can my husband fill the form in DDA-2008 scheme or not.

  82. Thanks for making people aware of the facts about DDA flats 2008.
    I am resident of Maharastra and want to pay by demand draft rs 1.5 lacks.I don’t want to go for loan.
    I have couple of questions.

    a)Can i make DD payable to DDA Delhi from Bank in SBI bank in Maharastra.
    b) Where do i need to send or personally hand over final application form , demand draft , PAN card etc.


  83. […] from the article is below As many as 1500 flats, out of the 5000 being offered by the DDA in its housing scheme, are old and had either been surrendered to the authority or their allotment […]

  84. Today was the last day of submission. I wish everyone good luck and hope you all get the flats 😉 I am closing comments on this article.