Twisting Facts to Make it Look Pretty!

Congress Campaigning about green and clean Delhi. Let get the facts straight!

Myth: Delhi is the greenest Capital city in the world!
Fact: Congress did not do their research right, Washington DC is much more greener as compared to Delhi and so are most of the capital cities in the world.

Myth: More than 1 million samplings planted every year.
Fact: More than half of them die due to the lack of proper care (I made this one up 😉 but sounds realistic to me)

Myth: Green cover risen from 26 sqm to 300 sqm in 10 years. Over 1000% increase.
Fact: Green cover is a cosmetic name given to (Forest cover + individual trees cover). For all practical purposes one should not count area covered under individual trees. Tomorrow if I plant a tree in my backyard, even that area will be counted, so what the point!

Forest cover is the main which we have to take into account, which in Delhi is only 170 square kilometer.

Myth: World largest network of CNG (compressed natural gas) fuelled busses, over 1,30,000 of them.
Fact: Where else in the world is CNG used as a fuel alternative?

Disclaimer: I am not for or against any political party; my opinions are formed from my own observations.

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