Your Tenant Giving You a Headache?

I don’t know why the High Court took so much time is coming to this conclusion… considering this was a no brainier! As the name (Landlord) rightly suggest the person is the Lord of his own Land, then how does a tenant have any right to contest against that? There are numerous cases pending with the courts where Landlords have been in litigation with their tenants for years over vacating their property. I wonder why the court would take time in such and open and shut case, there is a clear law which is in favor of the Landlords and yet it is not put into affect.

Article taken from HT epaper.

The Delhi High Court on Thursday said that a landlord’s right was supreme and even courts, forget the occupant, “cannot dictate terms”. The ruling comes as a major relief to thousands of landlords struggling to get their premises vacated. “(The) landlord is the best judge of his residential requirement and the place where he has to live. It is not open for the court or the tenant to dictate in what manner he should live, where he should live nor the court can impose its own standards on the landlord,” said Justice Shiv Narayan Dhingra.

Landlord-tenant relations in the Capital are governed by the Delhi Rent (Control) Act, 1958, which is tilted in favour of tenants. A New Delhi Rent (Control) Act passed by the Parliament in 1995 and signed by the President could not be notified in view of fierce opposition from the trader-tenant lobby passing the order.

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