The i-Pill Advertisment

The i-pill emergency contraceptive pill commercial is one of the talked about commercial these days… simply because it breaks the steryotype image of an i-pill user.

Some facts on i-pill

Cipla’s i-pill prevents pregnancy by stopping or delaying release ovulation (release of an egg), blocking fertilisation by affecting the egg or sperm, or preventing implantation by making the lining of the uterus inhospitable for pregnancy and therefore has to be taken within 72 hours or three days of contraception.

i-pill contains the hormone levonorgestrel, and when taken immediately offers maximum protection against pregnancy. It is a one-pill packet and can prevent pregnancy by up to 89 per cent if taken within 72 hours of unprotected sexual intercourse… It is available without a prescription at all chemist outlets.

The helpline is intended to provide answer queries, while ensuring confidentiality, regarding the usage, benefit, product availability and possible side effects.

The help line operators have been specially trained by Cipla and can be reached by dialing either:

1800-22-9898 – National Toll Free number (can be accessed only through BSNL phones)

5 Responses to “The i-Pill Advertisment”

  1. And do not forget that this is only EMERGENCY PILL. Its not something women should have often so as to avoid disturbances in cycles.


  2. after 5 days is it still working

  3. hi.. pls tell me .. is there any side effects of d i-pill

    1)if it was taken 3 times during 40-45 days or on frequently basis.

    2) vl it harm d reproductive system permanently ????

    pls help me out

  4. Please tell me, if i-pill taken twice within 20 days will it effect period cycle ?

  5. plz help …as thi sis my first tyme thaT I HAVE CONSUMED i-PILL i am really scared…actually i had intercourse with my guy between 12.00am to …we did it thrice and the next day at exactly i consumed it will i get pregnant…please help