Open Your Mouth and Breathe Out!

I was out last night at Saket with a couple of old school friends. After drink we decided to chuck T’zers and head over to Opus Lounge at Vasant Vihar and chill there for a while. The problem is that most of the pubs do not entertain “stags” on a Saturday night, which is kinda […]

Driving from Delhi to Jaipur?

Then get ready to empty you pockets at the toll booths located on the National Highway 8. I was visiting Jaipur (the pink city) for a day, yesterday and instead of taking a bus from Bikaner House on Pandara road, I decided to drive down myself. It is usually more convenient for me as I […]

Killer Blue Line Busses

Can any one tell me how many people have to die before the government wakes up? Almost everyday someone is killed or injured by the blue line bus on the Delhi roads and everyone knows how rash these busses are driven. The police is aware that most of the drivers of these busses don’t even […]

BMW Case… God let there be Justice!

If you read the HT today, you would know that the Finger prints Bureau of Delhi stated that Sanjeev Nanda’s (the main accused in the famous BMW hit and run case) fingerprints did not match to the 18 fingerprints lifted from the car back in Jan 1999. Oh come on! How do you expect anyone […]

Delhi Road Rage: Unsafe for Everyone

I hope you have read the below article on Hindustan Times today… it is such a shame that innocent people are killed on Delhi roads by drunk drivers in rage. This is not just 1 incident… there are a lot many happening everyday, some of which we do not hear about. The sad part is […]