Delhi Road Rage: Unsafe for Everyone

I hope you have read the below article on Hindustan Times today… it is such a shame that innocent people are killed on Delhi roads by drunk drivers in rage. This is not just 1 incident… there are a lot many happening everyday, some of which we do not hear about.

The sad part is that most of time the driver runs away, and even when they are caught, they get bail on the crime. Police is reluctant to put Murder charge on the criminals as this would reflect bad on their area police station (this is the way they show low crime every year in their area post).

Delhi police is pathetic and so is the Delhi government. I suggest strong punishment for such criminals, they should serve a life sentence for their crime and setting an example to anyone who thinks that they can get away with it.

Crime on the roads of Delhi is on the increase… It’s not just women anymore, anyone can be a target.

My heart goes out to the family for their loss.
Are you safe on Delhi roads?

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