Blame it on the Road

Me and my car suffered major trauma while coming from the Airport towards Vasant Kunj on the Mahipalpur Road. I would not even call it a road anymore, it is more of a mud track like the ones you see on a dirt rally… the 1 km is in such a bad shape that everyday […]

Driving Was Never This Comfortable

No wonder so many accidents happen on Delhi – Gurgaon Expressway.

DTC Does a U Turn

This was the headlines in the HT today; I believe it should be changed to “DTC planning to do a 360 very soon” . If it weren’t for the Common Wealth Games we would still be traveling in those 25 years old busses but the question is what will happen after the games? Will DTC […]

BRT Project Seems Like Another Sham

Since the government has still not be able to figure out who is responsible for Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) coming about, I can safely assume that Aliens sent the transport ministry the blue prints and the government merely saw it through. Why Aliens? You may ask… well when no one in the Ministry has the […]

Catch Me if You Can!

I took a short vacation in Shimla this week and while driving back to Delhi on the highway I captured this pic. There were about 3-4 of these mini trucks driving down the road with their number plates upside down. I am sure there must be a logic to it but then this is illegal, […]