Driving from Delhi to Jaipur?

Then get ready to empty you pockets at the toll booths located on the National Highway 8. I was visiting Jaipur (the pink city) for a day, yesterday and instead of taking a bus from Bikaner House on Pandara road, I decided to drive down myself. It is usually more convenient for me as I know my way around Jaipur. I started off near the Mahipalpur Flyover instead of taking M.G road going from Andheria Modh crossing Chattarpur as currently M.G road is in bad shape due to the Metro work going on.

So for my journey from Delhi to Jaipur I came across 5 toll booths and collectively paid Rs. 289 as Toll Tax (both ways) which is a lot of money considering that my fuel was separate and a one way ride on a Delux bus from Delhi – Jaipur is cost only Rs. 250. On top of that there is always some repair work going on, on the highway and the roads are also not that great. If you are driving at night, you need to be extra careful as there are no street lights and people drive on high beam giving you dippers as they speed by you on 150 km per hour.

Though it is lovely to see the farm land and all the green area which you would not get to see elsewhere and if weather is a little cloudy or rainy then it make the trip even worth the toll tax and the bad roads. Best of all, I usually stop and relax at the Café Coffee Day (CCD in short) which is about 60 km before Jaipur and bang on the highway.

One Response to “Driving from Delhi to Jaipur?”

  1. Just a reminder, be careful with you drive the NH8 or any highway for that matter… never take punga with the truckers on the road, my friend had a very bad experience with them very recently with no fault of his own. Better be safe than sorry.