Open Your Mouth and Breathe Out!

I was out last night at Saket with a couple of old school friends. After drink we decided to chuck T’zers and head over to Opus Lounge at Vasant Vihar and chill there for a while. The problem is that most of the pubs do not entertain “stags” on a Saturday night, which is kinda sad because we just wanted to chill there and enjoy the music for sometime. Anyways since we were denied entry we ended up at Bar Code shooting some pool.

We decided to call it quits at 11:30 pm and everyone headed back home, as I was driving down the Vasant Vihar road there was heavy policing going on there, checking for drunk drivers. I had only one drink which was more than an hour back so I had nothing to worry about. To be on the safer side, I had already rolled down my car windows so they could see me clearly. The cop stopped me and asked me where I was coming from… i said Vasant Vihar and then he asked me for the breathalyzer test… the old school way… if that was disgusting for me, imagine how disgusting it would have been for the cop. What happened to the breathalyzer tester? How is a cop able to judge if anyone is over or under the permissible blood alcohol content?

Though I do not condemn being tested for alcohol as i know this makes the roads more safer for everyone but at the same time, it should be done in a proper way using the right devices. Also people who are caught drunk driving are fined and then are let go on the roads again… what’s the fun in that, how does this make things any better. After spending a few thousand rupees in a pub, do you really think someone would mind paying a couple hundred rupees more as a fine, I don’t think so.

Besides what do you think the cops do late in the night after the checks are over and they are left with all the confiscated liquor? 😉

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