Blast From The Past – Part III

1. is Still #1

Then (July 2008): 1 year has passed since last ranking check and i am happy to say that it still remains on the Number 1 position of Google for the search phrase “Social Cause India.”
Now (Dec 2008): After 2 years, is till on the number 1 spot of Google for the keyword “Social Cause India”

2. Radio Jockey.

Then (July 2008): It is one of my aspirations to host my own show on the Radio and I have wanted to do this for a long time now.
Now (Dec 2008): Nothing has changed; I still want to be on the Radio… just waiting for a kind sole to hook me up.

3. Movies from

Then (July 2008): Watching movies in the comfort of your home has become quite easy. With a few companies offering DVD and VCD rentals online, you can order your favorite movies from you computer itself and get them delivered right at your doorstep.
Now (Dec 2008): Put my account on freeze after 3 months of using Seventymm services, their collection of English movies is small and after 2 months I started getting movies which were on the least priority.

4. Aarushi Murder Case.

Then (July 2008): Dr Rajesh Talwar, father of Aarushi, walked out a free man on Saturday as the CBI let him off citing lack of evidence against him to extend his custody.
Now (Dec 2008): 5 months have passed and the CBI till date has no clue about the murder. So much to say for the “intelligent” officers in our intelligence agencies.

5. Credit Card Debt?

Then (July 2008): Studies have show that if pay just the minimum amount due every month, you could be in debt for 10 years or more as the interest rate keeps compounding every month.
Now (Dec 2008): This is a must read article even today when the interest rates have been lowered a bit.

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