This Is What I Call Bad Timing

Parachute Hair Oil Warmer - Hot Champi Advertisment by Marico As i was reading the newspaper today, i came across this quarter page advertisement on the front page of HT.

Presenting Hot Champi, the hair oil warmer

Imagine being able to enjoy a hot oil massage in the comfort of your home. With Hot Champi, you can. Just warm Parachute Advance coconut hair oil with easy-to-use hair oil warmer before a massage and feel the oil spread and penetrate the scalp, keeping your hair well-nourished and you, relaxed. So go ahead, indulge.

Now if I had seen this product at the start of the winter, I would have been interested in it but I don’t see the point of this anymore has summer is setting in and it does not even take 2 min to warm the hair oil in the hot Delhi sun. I would rather use a cool Avala hair oil (which the Big B advertises) than a hot coconut oil in the summer.

Good product, bad timing.

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