Tata Sky Teams Up With Seventymm.com

Update – 30th Nov 2009: It’s been more than a year since i have cancelled their service but i keep getting phone calls and promotional sms’es from them. The customer support staff is very unprofessional, despite my repeated requests via phone and email, they still have not cancelled my account and continue to bombard me with phone calls and sms’es. Please beware before you signup with them.

Watching movies in the comfort of your home has become quite easy. With a few companies offering DVD and VCD rentals online, you can order your favorite movies from you computer itself and get them delivered right at your doorstep.

People who have Tata Sky at home are in for a special treat, there is a special offer to all Tata Sky users from seventymm.com to rent 30 movies a month for a low price of Rs. 299 / month, That works out to Rs. 10 per movie. Though, even if you watch 5 movies, the average comes to about Rs. 60 which is very good considering you get to watch original movies and no pirated quality.

If you are not a Tata Sky customer then for Rs. 299 you only get to rent out 6 movies in a month. So if you are a movie buff and have Tata Sky at home, then you better take this offer.

I have special invites for the above offer which will save you another Rs. 199 registration fees so if you are interested, just leave a comment below.

P.S I was told that they have an extensive library of all Movies (Any Language) released after 1939, just to make sure I did a search but could not find a few English movies. So before you sign up, I would suggest to log on to their website and search for your favorite movies first.

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  1. Movies have started coming in but there is one thing, even though in theory i can rent 30 movies in a month, practically it is not possible as when i return a movie, it takes them a day to log that in their system and lets me order a new one only the next day. So in essence i can order a max of 15 movies a month.

  2. Hey, stay away if you can ! they wont deliver more than 2 movies at a time. They wont deliver on weekends.. They wont come on time !

    Ideally you can watch 6-7 movies a month ! If you pay 40-50RS, you get the DVDs of all most all movies these days Original from Moserbaer. What these people are also doing the same. they are buying for 40rs and giving it for rent @ 50RS !

    They are never on time ! Had a horrible time with these guys. They dont reach in time (atleast in bangalore) ! IT is good for those who have 2-3 movies for rent @ 150 (you can buy it aswell for the same price) !!

    According to me, it is just not worth paying them 999 (Deposit) !
    Once you cancel, it takes months for the money to be credited back to your account !

    It was back in 2006 i started n stopped their stuffs !

    Remember : you wont get the movie you queued in..

    more reviews may found in Mouthshut .com

  3. As for delivery, so far it been ok, i get them at my home between 3-4pm. Yes! i had a problem with the movie not being delivered on a Sunday but i think they deliver 7 days a week. I just paid Rs. 349 as deposit so no biggie there. It is worth taking this service if you rent more than 7 movies a month from your neighbourhoor DVD store. Don’t forget you are viewing ORIGINAL DVD’s or VCD’s with seventymm unlike what the dics you would buy for Rs.50 and there is no comparision between an original and a pirated one.

  4. prashant,

    Dont think that i am talking about pirated or illegal one ! Moserbaer DVDs are 34/40/50 RS ! Vcd is just 24/28/34 ! They are original. You get even JabWeMet @50Rs from Moserbaer original 5.1 surround stuff (I didnt talk about pirated one at all) !

  5. Hi,
    I am interested in the offer, if the invites are still avialble, please send one to me.



  6. Pankaj: I tried to send you an invite but i got this message “This EmailID is already used by a Seventymm member.”

  7. Hello Prashant,

    I am a Tata Sky subscriber and I would like an invitation for the offer. Can you please send one to me?



  8. Atul: Invite sent

  9. Nice Offer !

    Do send me the invite as well . Thanks in advance 😀

  10. Supratim: I tried to send you an invite but i got this message “This EmailID is already used by a Seventymm member.”

  11. I want to avail this offer. So kindly send me an invite please.

  12. Anil: Invite Sent… enjoy!

  13. I am also a tata sky customer so please send me tata sky special invite for this offer.

  14. Sanjeev: Invite sent to you.

  15. I was just going thru the responses above. Many people are cribbing abt why to take that offer when u can buy original VCDs and DVDs for much cheaper prices.

    (1) Nobody is forcing u to go in for the offer.
    (2) How many good Hindi movies does Moser Baer has?
    (3) How many good movies which Moser Baer has, u r willing to buy?
    (4) If you love watching Hollywood movies, then one Original DVD on an average costs Rs. 499/- !
    As far as there services are concerned, i have no experience to that. So i wont comment on it.

    Come on people, if u like u take it else leave it, like me 🙂

  16. Look for an invite as i am a TATA SKY CUSTOMER. Kindly do send me if you have one