What Happened to Subhiksha Mobiles?

After an exhausting advertising effort 10 months back, Subhiksha name is not even heard of anymore. I had mentioned about Subhiksha’s non-functional website back in Feb 08, the situation is still the same. They still have not added any product to their website… it stands more like a monument in ruins on the internet. Back in September there were rumors of a buyout but nothing seems to have materialized. Wipro chairman Azim Premji had picked up a 10% stake in the company for Rs. 230 Cr. , which according to industry experts was way over it’s valuation. No wonder the company has not got listed on the exchange till now. With promoters fund exhausting, I don’t think they can afford to carry on any advertising.

The other day I was at Saket community complex (PVR Cinemas) and happened to look at a corner Subhiksha Mobile shop, now only did it not have any customers, the shop did not even seem to have any stock. The lighting inside the shop was so dim giving an impression that walk-ins are not even welcome. How do they plan to grow with that attitude?

2 Responses to “What Happened to Subhiksha Mobiles?”

  1. You can never succeed by being a Discount / Cheapest Brand. Their model was baseless and incorrect.

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