HP and Aforeserve Join Hands for Fraud

Cribb sent in by Sachin.

One fine day I received a call from an call executive from Aforeserve about extending warranty of HP laptop. They seemed to have all the details of my laptop and so I believed them.

I made a payment of 5,500/- to them on 9-5-2009 with receipt no. ACL/Sales/CA01/2009-10. Its been a month now but I have not yet received the warranty certificate.

I called up HP for help ans they confirmed that they have not yet received any request.

The issues I have

1. This obvious case of fraud by Aforeserve. Till I did not make any payment they would constantly keep calling me but now no one seems interested.

2. Why did HP reveal the details of my laptop to a fraud company or it too is a partner in the fraud ?

3. I called up HP and they are charging 4000/- So, why is Aforeserve charging 5,500/- ?

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  1. yup agree hp is a fraud company..as we are using hp-compaq desktop we hd faced lots of problems since the day of purchasing..first i kept calling in their customer care and no one was there to attend the call.When i snd them a mail they snd their executive and changed my LCD screen dat was in warranty period..but what they did was..they replaced my brand new screen wid sum old and LCD used screen…And since then nobody is there to attend my complaint and they are not evn to responding to my mails…and i hv no choice..and i dnt knw wat to do..

  2. Sachin Surana on June 28th, 2009 at 11:35 am

    I think we can register a consumer complaint. I too filed a complaint but nothing happened.


  3. was surfing the net when i found this…
    feel sorry for u guys πŸ˜€ !
    i have been using HP since 4 years now… you guys should understand ‘registering’ ‘calling’ and all ‘lazy’ stuff doesnt work man!!
    got to move and go to their office behave a bit tough and they do all ur work for u…
    i have 2 expensive HP laptops… one’s motherboard got fried.. i went there and asked sternly… they replaced in 7 days for FREE..
    the warranty inclusions in HP are the best!
    its only that, u should know how to use it.
    hope this helps πŸ™‚

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  5. Thanks guys, your blogs helped me in not making a similer mistake, i have been approched by similer 2 different companies and afroserver too , offering to extend the warrenty, i had personally asked about such services at the HP/COMPAQ authorised service center, and they replied that not allways the company approves such 3rd party extention certificates.and in such case.. even if u have such certificate, u will have to pay for the service/replacement cost. so that is a double loss for the end user.

  6. I had taken a 2 year AMC from Aforserve.com for a HCL desktop system after the expiry of the first year warrnty.

    I am having a terrible time in many ways:

    1. The switch of the desktop has broken at least 4 times in past 2.5 years (under 1st year warranty + 2 year purchased AMC), but the service engineer each time just ties it with a thread, which lasts for 3 to 4 months and breaks again.

    2. It is very difficult to register a complaint as the number provided are all wrong (have changed), on the HCL’s website, on the AMC papers (given to me) or the Just dial yellow pages. The latest number provided is always busy.

    3. With great luck if I get to reach the call center agent, I find it confusing / cheating whom I am talking to – to HCL or to Aforeserve as niether is willing to create a ticket request for my problem.

    4. The Aforserve/HCL have encashed my cheque but they have not uploaded the AMC details in their system, and till the time the AMC details are not created, the call center simply does not entertain even to create a complaint ticket. They ask me to follow up with the agent (i.e. Aforeserve) to send the AMC / cheque details to the HCL than only they would create the AMC details in their system and provide me the service. What a novel way of cheating.

    Please beware of this Aforeserve / HCL commbination.

  7. Hcl is a reputated co.They should not allow to linger such complaints by passing the buck tactics to others as happens in govt deptt.Drop by drop a pitcher is filled so HCL should not think in terms of their big market share in command, even petty complaints would effect their commanding business. HCL should consider and treat the complaint as if they themselves are the complaintee as user then only they would understand the plight of the customers, in their own interest.profit at the cost of bad relation is not going to help the co. it should be graceful and dignified and customer friendlly, for which the co. employ and pay high to the MBA’s who are not apart of product manufacture or development which is the crux of the business.So wait…before you go for the next step.

  8. dude(sachin)…..did u finally get ur warranty extended…..even i m being approached ny aforeserve…..should i trust them

  9. aforeserve is a channel partner of hp ..as hp doesnt deal directly thats y nthing elseee dude

  10. Intervention of govt of India in controlling marketing policy of foreign based company for protecting innocent consumers are not o.k. The consumer is left at the mercy of traders vis a vis Indian consumer in his individual capacity with mighty company.There is no preventive measure avilable to the consumers from the govt side. The consumer court approach is a curative procedure and is based on case to case basis by spending time, energy, money after the deal is materalised.The remedial measure makes one feeling harassed and dis appointed through out the period until the matter is decided by the consumer court.The govt which in good old period used to be the custodian for consumers in Mrs Gandhi’s period have now made us orphaned by the same govt and left us to fight with the company directly. Agreement to sale conditions are not explicit on record as per the requirement of contract intended between consumer and the seller co.In the process if the consumer is humiliated,as a consumer I consider it is conveying the message of the GOI humiliation and disgrace in their land because the consumer for the company is INDIAN and not SACHIN/SAURABH as perceived by us.HP is giving warranty through franchise in india it is ought to be on recored of the sale contract deal open for materialisation with the details of frenchise terms and condition.Sachin case seems to be a criminal breach of trust in extended warranty agreement amounted to enter into contract, hence can be fought provided you have time , money and patience to wait in the matter sir.

  11. i have approached by aforeserve.com for the same reason of warranty extension. i m using a compaq notebook..they are very much keen about collecting the money..i m getting the calls many a times a day..i got a call from delhi headquarter also (as she said so)..i feel its them who r more concernedabout my laptop..:). as i have gone through other replies i dnt think this is a company to be trusted.

  12. I have the same experience as that of Sachin….Its almost four weeks that I’ve made the payment for aforeserve’s executive. they betrayed me….I’ve not recieved any manufacturer’s certificate till date. It seems I lost 6000 rs/-.

    What I will do….?

  13. This is exactly what has happend to me but fortunately for me I didn;t yet pay the money. Few days back I received a call from some Delhi number stating that we are calling for your warranty extension. The guy said it is expiring on Januray which seemed strange as I had bought the laptop just 6 months ago. Persistently calls are coming with my details with them as to get the warranty extended. It is really strange that how they got hold of my details.
    Today I asked him to mail the T & C of the same and once i got the mail I checked on the net regarding Aforeserve.
    The above cribb from Sachin has been a life Saver as I thought it was extremely convenient when they said we will send somebody for cash and all the formalities. But now I am not going to deal with them. If I receive any calls now from them I will threaten them with legal action.

  14. Let us be honest,put your sl no of the gadgets and the payment detais of receipt given at the time of purchase by the seller;better scan it and put it along with the copy of AMC payment receipt for en- mass information and simaltaneously authanticating facts for inbuilding moral prressure on the co throgh this site.We may also request to site holder cribber to promte cribbing and help forward our concern to their customer care centers.Because this would add weight and benefit company too, to handle their feed back mechanism,which might other wise go unactioned if handled single handedly.Let us wait and see how socially co take up the matter.

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  16. Hey guys,
    I wanted to ask you all a question.I have been approached by aforeserve and have paid them for extending my compaq laptop’s warranty for 1 year…the problem is even if they extend my warranty do i have to pay HP for the parts they replace on my laptop…coz my battery is not workin..if i take my laptop to the HP service centre are they gonna charge me for the battery..

  17. prem kumar srivastav on November 5th, 2009 at 9:28 pm

    I purchased Lenovo laptop on 28-07-2008 and paid rs 4500 for extended warranty on 10-09-009 to Mr Chaturvedi.Till payment Mr Ali was calling several times a day.but after payment i am calling Mr Ali ,Mr P Chaturvedi several times a day.
    till today i have not got any warranty certificate from aforeserve

  18. My case is similar. I have purchased my hp care pack on 25/5/2009. After constant follow up they ultimately sent the care pack details and instead of increasing the warranty by an year they have reduced it by an year. My warranty was up to december 2009 and the papers they have sent is showing the same as december 2008 and now its been more than three months I am following up with them but no replies from their side.

  19. Don’t believe on aforeserve it is a fraud company, me also cheated…they called me up and said you have a letter from lenovo company within 1 week but i didn’t get any letter from lenovo it is going to around a month…So please don’t believe aforeserve…

  20. Hi,
    Definitely HP and aforeserve is in to big fraud. I Payed Rs 4700/- for extended warranty on oct22, 2009. But till date nothing has happened. when i called them they told me HP has stopped providing extended warranty and they will refund my money. There was no information provided by them to me regarding this. This is good means of raising money without any interest in recession time.This is definitely a embarrassment on their part but alas they don’t even realize. Guide me if i can register a consumer case against both the companies.

  21. Hey all,
    Me too got into this crap … i got a call from this guy Pradeep calling from a delhi number and he had details about my lenovo laptop. he said i can get an ADP pack which even covers accidental damage for rs 3500 for 2 years and instantly i payed him off… i got this reciept from aforserve , but nothing else… i had payed the money on 11th november 2009 and stil no response from them… i got numbers of their offices and they are telling they have not recieved my payment details… also this pradeep guy who said he is from aforserve is not taking my calls now. anyone whu is reading this… DO NOT TRUST THESE GUYS.. They r Fakes.

  22. Irfan Shaikh on June 9th, 2010 at 2:58 pm

    Thanks guys ! For all the stuff published on the net. I too was about to fall into the AMC fraud net with Aforeserve. One fine day I got a call frm a lady from Noida, saying they offer AMC for APC Inverters, at Rs.2600/- for 2 years. I went ahead with the offer. some youngster looking guy came over did not show any ID proof, took the chq and handed me a computer printout Payment receipt. This got me doubt, and when I again re-thought abt the whole episode, and that these guys operate frm Noida, which is a place full of fraud companies, I thought of re-chking myself. I called up at 2-3 no. frm where I got the calls, They did’nt even know whats Aforeserve. So I quickly accessed the net and surfed for this site and Ho La !! so many complaints!! I then called up my bank, and stopped the payment for this chq. SO guys always chq for the details on the net, thats teh Gurumantra !!! and yes guys take the pains for publishing ur experinces.

  23. Hi,

    I have been cheated by aforeserve. I had paid 6000 Indian rupees to them in the month of Oct 2010. And i have not yet recieved the warantty papers for my lenovo laptop. today is 9th Feb 2011.

    I have been calling them repeatedly and every time they give an excuse and say wait another 7-8 days each time and you will get the papers and this has happened a many times and when i say refund my money they say sure but never does it. They are keeping the customer waiting till he forgets that such a thing has happened to them and then get away with the customers money.

    I have strong reasons to believe that they are running a fraud and i request people to come up and tell me if they have faced such problem and what is the way to get out of this live fraud and get the money back

    Any one who got victimized by aforeserve. I am planning to take a legal action against the company and any help or reference or people with similar complaint will help.

    you can cribb on this post or email me @ kunal.kunalmittal@gmail.com

  24. Hi all,
    Mine is also similar case, i have been approached by the aforesaid call center executives for atleast 100 times, but initially i was avoided their calls, but the fact they know my laptop details made me stun, as how acer company shares the details of their customer product, so as they promised me to extend my laptop warranty, i’ve paid Rs 3900/- for two years pack, after paying immediately they’ve even confirmed once again the laptop sl. no etc.., bt as they promised me that they will deliver the documents of registration was not been received by me after 20 days also, which even i didnt noticed, but one fine day again i got a call from the same team asking for extension of warranty for the same laptop, then i’ve shocked and asked, it was already done, and y didnt it have been registered till now and for the same again you are calling me, and then started querying about the same but till now no body is responding for the same, so now please let anyone guide me how to take a legal action against the company or atleast refund the amount paid for the same…!!!