La Tomatina Festival in South Delhi

Update 30.07.2011: The event was called off due to huge out cry by people after the article was published in HT.

La Tomatina in a festival in Spain where people throw squashed Tomatos at people. This was depicted in the movie Zindagi Milegi na Dobara. Though this festival has been banned many times in Spain it still is celebrated every year in the last wednesday of August. Some people want to organize this in Chatterpur Farm community (South Delhi) as well and have created facebook invite page, there have been 15000 confirmations to attend already.

Do you think wasting Tomatos and water in a country where food is in short supply is a wise thing to do?

3 Responses to “La Tomatina Festival in South Delhi”

  1. How many people die, of not eating tomatoes?
    How many farmers would be more than happy to see tomato pricing soaring. 10/20 MT don’t solve or create problems in any crop SND.

    By the way, No crop in India pays for land usage. This in a country with land shortage. So stop being so shallow.

    With food shortage in India might as well get rid of all “fat” bloggers and journos. Get rid of buffets, get rid of gyms and neuter all people to stop further growth in new mouths to be fed.

    Stop trying to solve problems by focussing on small things and cutting corners. Life is short!!! Enjoy it!!

  2. We are living in a country of maniacs. when you want to enjoy, people will always have a problem. I do not relate celebrating this festival to rise in tomato prices and subsequent benefits to poor farmers of the country because it is not the concern of those organizing. But what’s harm in having such a festival? We have prohibitory people for practically everything.

  3. first of all why do we need to celebrate this festival at all??? what significance does this festival hold for India??? and second of all dont we have enough wastage of food and money in this country that we need another excuse to do it… if u guys wannna celebrate there are enough places to go and party… and in case u want to celebrate a festival we have innumerable no. of festivals within the country…