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Seems to me that Subhiksha has bit more than what they can chew. I googled “Subhiksha Mobile” and found that Subhiksha as 2 websites dedicate for thier online mobile store. The unfortunate parts is that, both the website have no info about the product apart from a contact number and sms to reach them.

So what’s the point of 2 different websites with no info? Beats me! i guess they are going to launch a 2 for 1 scheme very soon! 🙂

They have been advertising so much but they don’t seem to have the backend to support all the queries. India is a growing economy which is now curious about customer care as well. Now companies cannot get away with shabby after sale support. My advice would be to provide a solid support first before you go out and start beating the drums about your product. Now matter how good he product is, if people get ticked off by the customer care then chances are that they will not recommend the product also.

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10 Responses to “Subhiksha Mobile Websites”

  1. yeah and did u see 2 months back ..they had a wrong ad saying
    ” N73 music edition mobiles with 8 gb and wi fi ”
    and when i went and enquired there.. they said its probably a mistake what they meant was N91 8GB WITH WI FI
    well u cannot just place a completely wrong ad there…

  2. subiksha mobile site so worst becoze they not reply and they even dont reply for phone

  3. About this Subhiksha sites not leaving any info, it really is irritating to click on the site thinking you’re gonna get some details and find absolutely nothing there. Now people need what they ask for immediately, very few have the patience to fill in the request form and wait for an answer and especially when there are hundreds of sites out there readily providing this, without looking back people can switch.
    I hope Subhiksha are listening…….

  4. You have a nice article here. Precisely what we want to say. Future bazaar is certainly doing a better job than Subhiksha. If subhiksha wants 2 do sum business, they should try & cope up with technology…..

  5. about the subhiksha sites it is one of the worst sites.the information abt the lowest price is totally a shit.the mobile costing nearly 8500 in subhiksha at other place it costed about 7000 so the ads of lowest price is to completely cheat the customers.

  6. bingo!!! you hit the coffin with the nail. this was my instanteneous reaction after i googled subhiksha. they must develop better website on the lines of the mobile store

  7. how people r digesting the name subhiksha ise sasta aur kahan bull shit! no body is replying what u want know about price of mobiles just confusing people and diverting to them in wrong way and nobdy is taking action on them is this happen only in india?

  8. […] effort 10 months back, Subhiksha name is not even heard of anymore. I had mentioned about Subhiksha’s non-functional website back in Feb 08, the situation is still the same. They still have not added any product to their […]

  9. What a rubbish. I wanted to compare prices at on the subhiksha website. But bullshit its not working.Google cant find the site.
    I think moblie store is better option.

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