What’s Incredible About India?

Incredible India Ad. Campaign

So…what’s so incredible about Incredible !ndia?? Well… NOTHING.

If you have seen the beautiful 1/3 page ads about Incredible India, you would know what i am cribb.in about. Visually the ads are stunning unfortunately that’s where the bus stops. If you want more info after looking at those ads, it’s as good as solving a puzzle. The website and email address which are at the bottom are in such a small font that it becomes incredibly hard to read and to top it all their website is not better then their ads when it comes to information. The website is full of external links popping up windows for every other menu click, if you search for packages, it takes you to a form which you have to fill to request information… now why can’t they just provide the same info online???

Damn, if this gets frustrating for an Indian, think about foreigners pulling out their hair out trying to get some decent info.

I know bad website when i see one as i have been developing website for 6-7 years now, and incredibleindia.org is just another pretty face with no brains..


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