Turn Off The Lights

WWF has designated tomorrow as the Earth Hour (28th of March). Tomorrow between 8:30 and 9:30 PM people from over 1500 cities will turn off their lights as a statement against Global Warming. Check out EarthHour.in for more info.

Also have a look at the Official Earth Hour 2009 video below.

3 Responses to “Turn Off The Lights”

  1. To be honest, i am not sure if i will turn off the lights for an hour. Here in Delhi and almost all part of India we still do not get power for 24/7 – 365 days. Almost every few days there is a power cut and unlike the western countries Indians have to suffer a few hundred hours of power cuts year. Just because Aamir Khan is standing with a candle in his hand, i won’t do the same… this is not a fashion statement for me.

  2. We must follow the “TURN OFF THE LIGHT” religiously because it is for the interest of whole living being in this earth.


  3. […] think BSES was so inspired by the Earth Hour that they have taken to the cause very seriously. So seriously that they have been scheduling power […]