Tata Photon vs Reliance Broadband Plus

2nd Update: I went to the Reliance service center in Lajpat Nagar and got the problem fixed. The reason for the USB Broadband for not working was that it’s software had corrupted and the reason for why that happened is because i had installed it on 2 laptops with different operating systems, Yes! i know, it’s stupid that the software got corrupted this way and i was told that this is a common issue, however now it is working fine. So if you are just using it on one computer you should not have any trouble.

Update: It’s been 2 months and my device has gone wrong, i called Reliance and they said i need to go to a repair center which is 20KM away from my place, i asked if i could go to the Reliance world near to my home and they will take care of it? I was told that they will not be able to do much if the device is faulty and that i need to go to the repair center myself and get it fixed. I went against my better judgement and bought reliance and now i am left with this piece of crap.

Can anyone tell me which is better out of the two… I have heard Reliance NetConnect plus is not at all reliable and Tata Photon has a very poor coverage besides the fact that none of them deliver the 3mbps speed.

Is anyone using any of the two, please write your review below.

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  1. TATA Photon is far more reliable and has a very good service. I have been using it for a while and it is very useful.

  2. hi… i have used both… first i opted for tata photon … but soon got fed up of the frequent disconnection issue.. also the coverage was very poor.. speeds also not upto expectations… and horrible customer service.. their number is always busy… then i thought of going for the reliance netconnect broadband plus.. first i used it on my friends laptop.. speeds were pretty good much better than tata… so i decided to go for it.. i have been using reliance since last two months and so far the experience has been good… coverage is also great..used it in pune, mumbai, kolkata and delhi till now and received good coverage.. also the speed that the companies claim i.e 3mbps is the ideal speed.. normally no one experiences it .. you may experience it if only u r present on the network and there is absolutely no traffic… otherwise the practical speed that can be experienced is around 1.8 Mbps.. for tata i had checked and most of the times the speed used to be just 0.8 mbps … so (from my personal experience )i think u should go for reliance…

  3. In my view people should try out EVDO from BSNL. I have seen people using it. I have a monthly 500C+ plan for my home connection (not EVDO). But then I have seen EVDO to go more than 1 mbps well at times. But it can give steady 0.7 mbps for whole day and 7 days a week. With a fixed ip unlimited download/upload and all this in a mere 600 rupees is a steal in my view and it is even smaller than Rconnect from Reliance. I have not seen photon yet.
    So in my view give our BSNL a chance. It has never dissappointed me on my home phone and internet. I am not vouching for EVDO, but definitely a try for laptop users.

    Dr Bikash

  4. but bikash..after all bsnl is a govt company … and after sales and customer support is really very poor…

  5. i have experienced bsnl , tata , as well as reliance on my relatives laptop… the reliance device looks really cool.. in terms of speed i would rate reliance a bit better than tata (bsnl cannot be compared.. speeds almost similar to wired broadband)… but coverage wise reliance is far ahead… tata customer service is pathetic.. and bsnl guys dont receive the call .. reliance also takes some time but they do recieve the call and also satisfactorily resolved my issue ..so i am happy with reliance…

  6. Hai,i am using Tata Indicom Photon and found it to be one of the greatest inventions in modern days as far as speed is concerned…

  7. hi Ravi
    u hv no ideas of pvt companies who only believe in profit (u lament of govt) – try customer care with reliance tata types — u’ll say bye bye & tata to communications!
    Believe me! i hv tried.

  8. tata photon is simply horrible. Disconnections, fluctuating speeds..Ahhh..just frustrating.

  9. Anyone please dont go for reliance, its the worst. I have used both now using photon plus. When working reliance was good wen issues came the response I got from reliance is ‘We dont know when the problem will be solved and if it is a device problem we will replace it if stock is available else u need to wait.” They provide the worst service….

  10. I would suggest go for the BSNL EVDO card, because i have use all of them, all three of them reliance, tata and BSNL are pathetic, But one thing with BSNL is that, u won’t find urself cheated like all the private companies in terms of price. Atleast u won’t regret paying extra price to these provate forms for their worst services.

  11. I have tried reliance, tata photon and BSNL EvDO. I found BSNL EvDO to be the best, in term of speed, price and coverage.

  12. guys do mention the places where u stay n where u use these data cards..
    it depends on d place where u stay n n/w availability..

  13. Guys, I would like to ask about EVDO and reliance speed and availability in Pune, Baner/Balewadi Area.

  14. this discusion leaves me as confused as i was in the beginning. please rate the connections genuinely if anyone is experienced with all three of them….. awaiting a genuine reply. Thanks in advance. (only one who has used all three of them.)

  15. what is this yaar i buy tata photon today ,is this net vary vary low speed ,i thik in caompare of tata bsnl dily up and airtel gprs is best, if any one buy tata photon in half price then conn me just 24 houre old

  16. I’ve been using Reliance very happily now for a month now. Hope it lasts, a few issues when using FTP but nothing major and nothing a restart doesnt fix.

  17. I am using bsnl,its good & costomer service is also good but i want to purchase the datacard which provide the reliable service, if i am out of station,may i go with reliance……..

  18. Hi Frenz, I am staying in Bangalore. I like to get a new Broadband connection. Suggest me, which is the best, Either Reliance Broadband+ or Tata Photon+ ?. Will wait for your reply guys.

  19. I finally bought Reliance NetConnect (based in Delhi). Once of my friend was using it and gave it a thumbs up but the main reason why i bought is that i was told that it works well in other cities as well. Since its just been a few days of my purchasing the USB device, i can only give you a review once i have used it for a couple months.

  20. i am plan to buy wireless broadband connection.i sm totally confused to buy which com. is it rel or tata

  21. I think many of you are not in the proper coverage area of TATA or Reliance. I’m from Kolkata and here at some places at about 11 AM Tata is showing speed of 1.3 Mbps while Reliance is showing 0.8 Mbps. Again in some other place of Kolkata Reliance is showing 1.8 Mbps too. So your experience depends on where you are, the time of day (an estimate of how many users are there). The problem is they sell it in anywhere you live, whether or not you are in the coverage area. So first see the speed for yourself by opting the home demonstration service )if available in your locality). Somebody said, 3.1 Mbps is the speed when you are alone in the network. Thats not true. 3.1 Mbps is the theoretical limit of the network bandwidth. That can be achieved with multiple users too, because the network protocol is built for multiple simultaneous users. It’s the infrastructure of the operator, i.e., how many users’ bandwidth at a time it can handle. At this point of time both the coverage and handling is poor for Tata and and a little better for Reliance (though not upto what is expected). They worry about profit and competition more than the service. Specially Reliance customer service is horrible. You’ll get solution in time only if you are lucky.

    So choice between Tata and Reliance should be done according to where you live (where the customer service and coverage is good).

  22. Compare to Reliance Photon Plus is better.
    But few cautions to be taken care off in Photon Plus.
    Speed: Don’t expect up to 3.1 Mpbs at any time & at any place. Speed average of 700 Kpbs.
    Services: Poor! It takes minimum of 2 days up to 20 day or more to put your complaints into action, after repeated follow-ups.
    Bills: They will charge you more than what you expect. e.g for Rs. 950 you will receive a bill Rs. 9875. Don’t get surprised if you get such bills.
    a. They will start billing 3 to 7 extra days of your billing period.
    b. They will charge you even on those days which you have not used.
    c. There Internet Usage Meter often changes according to there benefit.
    d. They try to loot as much as if you are ignorant.
    e. They will try to pacify you, rather than accepting their mistakes.

  23. These are my observations from various aspects. But two main are:

    Cities: Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, even in cities like Nizamabad, Reliance broadband+ is better than Tata Indicom’s Photon in UPLOADING & DOWNLOADING.
    BSNL’s EVDO lacks much much behind those above mentioned heros.

    Customer care: Reliance outclassess Tata Indicom.

    Vote: I vote for Reliance Broadband+ specially for customer care facility. These observations are from past 2 months to till date.
    Tomorrow may be someone else who ever will give customers more satisfaction.

  24. photon+ is horrible,sometimes the speed comes down to 10kbps.reliance is not reliable and is a fraud

  25. all comments r confusing………………………………………………i wnat help.tata or relaiance

  26. Dear Saraa, first write where you live (city). Definitely, we can say tata or reliance. Also, be clear you want wirless or wireline. Please update us

  27. Dear Dr Bikash

    Your are right in saying give BSNL a chance. And we should. But in wireless network BSNL is behind other ISPs. To test that, I would like you to open http://www.youtube.com and try to play a hindi movie song on these ISPs (BSNL EVDO, Tata Photon and Reliance Broadband). Remember to play the same song on each ISP. I would like to know your observation.

    Coming to wire internet, its gives me a great pleasure to say in my observation that BSNL’s DataOne internet is the best leaving other ISPs far far behind.

  28. Hey guys,
    i just received my tata photon plus bill. i’ve been charged for upload. my bill is 2048. I’ve been charged 1800 for upload and the rest for download. I’m in a 950 plan. should I be charged for upload? coz no wherein the website or did their sales guys mention one word about it. do let me know abt it.

  29. Dear Karthik

    When you purchase a package like you mentioned 950 Plan you will be provided with specific free GB of volume. For example you might have got free upto 5 GB of browsing. This 5 GB includes both Upload + Download. Your uploading might be more or vice versa. If you cross this 5 GB, then for per MB exceeding 5GB of volume, you will be charged some amount for example Rs2 for every MB, which will again include both upload and download.

    Hope you got it.

  30. I recently went to Jaipur and tested the Reliance broadband USB there and it worked quite well. I was able to get speeds of about 800KB in the peak time and about 2MBPS at night. Though there were a few times when i had to connect a few times before the net was working but overall the experience was good.

  31. hey sekhar,
    I’m frm hyd too …
    as far as my exp.. reliance is quite gud …
    i hv seen maximum speed of 305 KBps (dats excellent speed)
    no idea abt TATA 🙁

  32. i stay in HYDERABAD, so which one is better for me. rel broadbandplus or tata photon+ or bsnl evdo.

  33. hi, I’m from Pune. wanted to know, whether Relience broadband + or photon have better coverage in pune. Can any one help, who have used both!

  34. Hi shekar

    Reliance broadband+ will be a good choice.

  35. I just took Tata Indicom Photon + card 26/10/2009. Is there any receipt i am supposed to get for payment of Rs 3,400? If so anyways I didn’t got it. However I got the rest of the kit and using the net connection. While taking the connection the sales person told me that he will be giving the reebok bag as gift along with product. He also told me that I will get a Welcome Call from Tata Customer Care persons the next day and they will be informing me about my plan which never happened till today(30/10/2009). So putting all this things into consideration I think I am going to get a big shock when I get my Bill.

    Instead of discussing about problems in this way here why not we all shall meet and take action together. I stay in Hyderabad.

  36. it is still confusing… which one should i purchase reliance or photon? i live in delhi. one is saying reliance is better and other is saying photon is better.it is too confusing….anyone reply.

  37. @ Sachin: I am in delhi and since i have bought reliance even though i did not want to.. i think it works good. The speed is decent.. not close to 3 MBPS but avg is 1 which is good enough.

  38. Hi…I stay in Goa n currently using Airtel GPRS connection which is very slow. Now looking for either Reliance or Tata Photon+. Can anyone pls suggest/advice which one to opt for???? Waiting for response……….

  39. i m in the beginning. please rate the connections genuinely if anyone is experienced with all three of them….. awaiting a genuine reply. Thanks in advance. (only one who has used all three of them.)

  40. Reliance netconnect is. Giving offer for exchange of old reliance datacard.they are charging Rs 3500 for netconnect and are giving discount of Rs 3000(Rs 250*12months=Rs3000).so effective cost of netconnect comes to me is for Rs 500 only.Its good scheme and worth going.

  41. I am curious abt BSNL VEDO.. should i go for it.. in above discussion i think neither reliance nor Tata are good.. I live in delhi.

  42. Whew.. which one?

    Tata Photon or R-Net connt…….


  43. I am interested in unlimited downloading & consistent connectivity. Which one should i opt for Tata or Reliance. i stay in mumbai.

    Please reply

  44. I am located in Mumbai. I am using Tata Photon +. It has got serious issues with connectivity. Download speed ranges from 10kbps during peak hrs to 120-140 kbps(thts the max i have seen)during night time.connection speed does sometimes goes till 1.5-1.8 mbps but normally it hovers arnd 700kbps I loose my connection very often. The customer service is not good. Billing has lot of discrepancies. I have used reliance net connect on my frnds laptop. It was better than tata. Go for reliance in Mumbai.
    If u wanna rate it on a scale of 5. Tata wld get 2.5 and reliance a 4 only on operational parameters. I dnt have much insights about reliance customer service.

  45. Thank you all for the great insights. I was planning to go buy one today and thought some further research would help. This thread was of great help. After going through each comment, my analysis says that RELIANCE NETCONNECT is a better device as compared to TATA PHOTON+. I’d be buying Reliance now.

  46. hai i am srinivas from hyderabad i request u people plz don’t go for reliance datacard i am suffering a lot with this,since last 20 months i am using this i received only 4 times bill all the way i have to collect the bill from near by office & i have to pay it with late charges the worste service i feel like they will pay the salaries for their employes with our late payment charges

  47. In Hyderabad; Go for Tata Photon. Undoubtebly the best 🙂

  48. In tata photon u can experiance high speed increase in billing speed,in reliance all the plans r waste…,in bsnl 1ly drawback is low speed,but its plans al are excellent

  49. I am using Photon+ since June ’09. Bought in Kolkata, I never faced any trouble there, speed avg more than 1 Mbps, luckily I got 3.18 speed 10.01.09 at 8.06 PM GMT in Kolkata, checked using speedtest.net.

    For last 12 days, I am in New Delhi, speed is not so good as was in Kolkata, and sometime runs very slow, rarely getting 1 Mbps sometime here. I just checked 3 times and got max:0.49 mbps & min:0.32 mbps.

    I am satisfied with customer care so far.

    No idea about reliance.

    Hope will help

  50. “luckily I got 3.18 speed 10.01.09 at 8.06 PM GMT in Kolkata”-
    Here is the result:

  51. ok guies as i am concrned its look like relince has better speed then photon+ and bsnl net connect. so i suggest u all go for relince its simply gives 1.8 mbps speed which is quite a bit fast as compaired to others if any other info required plz dont hestitate to contact me on my mail. thnks

  52. Finally I bought my Reliance Netconnect Data card. An awesome device. I am in Delhi, and am getting great speeds with it. I am really happy and satisfied with my reliance netconnect. I’d be traveling over the weekend, and that is when I’d test the connectivity while I am on roaming. Would update once I get to learn more about the mobility and coverage of reliance.

  53. Somebody from pune had asked what to opt…

    Tata photn+ is not available n pune.
    Reliance service (speed) need to be decided after demo.
    BSNL EVDO is really good but has huge waiting which does not clear… u’ll have to wait for atleast 2 months(BSNL officers avoid talking about the expected time of clearance).
    If u want urgent connection go for Reliance. Else prefer BSNL or wait for photn+ to be launched (expected in jan 2010).

    I m using reliance BB+ … at busy hours it switches to 1x mode from the BB+ mode .. not good in busy hours. During day time (i stay some 3km away from the tower mentioned on the reliance website) it give me 400 Kbps.

    Reliance has not cheated me till now but have heard lot about it … be careful when the executive fill the reg. form. Switching plans may cause trouble..

  54. Hi Prashant,
    Thankx for updating.
    Your comments are really helpfull.
    I have asked for BSNL, n the staff asked me to wait 2 months.
    So now I am planning for Relience BB+.

  55. Hi..i use tata photon since last week good speed nice divice …please don’t buy rel net connt reliance is a farud company i used reliance gsm from last 5 month and i faced poor coutmet service and some time i faced no network acsses that’s mean if i am in problem i am not able to use 100 number………. so u pepole understand what i am trying so say


  57. I want to buy internet connection but I donnot know the plans and offers of photon or reliance please any one suggest me to buy a best one which is good mainly for browsing perpose .And it may be having moderate speed . I want it with low monthly rent .Suggest me any one please.

  58. Every individual has a different experience. I would prefer to go for prepaid connection if available. Post paid seems dangerous. I have no idea about prepaid charges. Let me check it out.

  59. ok guies here is an suggestion fro people living in nashik. go for photon plus i have ared checked its speed thats also good and even its staring plan is of 400 with 400mb download/upload free then after u are charged rs: 0.5 for 1mb and its coverage is also good in nashik i suggest to go for it! need any help plz dont hesitate to contact me ur’s friend.

  60. ok guies tata photon + has also lanched and prepared service. u need just to recharge once and thas all. along with this photon + comes with an fife time validity. then why we waiting for? just invest Rs. 4000 for a life long experince. and only monthly rental for 400 (its basic plan other plans are also available!).

  61. Hey I live in dhanbad closer to the west bengal border. I want to take a connection cos my bsnl broadband sucks ..
    What should I go for reliance netconnect plus or tata photon plus or bsnl evdo…
    Here reliance cdma mobile network is good cos I have got a tower 20m across the road..
    Will this make netconnect plus more advantageous for me ?????

  62. ok Arindam you leave in dhanbad i thing you should first inquire aobut it firts because i dont really know about reliance its frequintley gets disconnected. but ther is one advantage to you that you may catcha up a good speed. so i think you should go for it.

  63. Hi All,

    I want to buy a wireless data card and i went through all the comments from various places in various location.
    I am located in delhi,did research on BSNL Evdo… it looks gud… and the best thing is tariff is quite low as compare to other 2.Also there is a new player in the market ie.. MTS… can anyone have input on MTS..?

  64. MTS is a new player and their prices and plans are similar to any other provider, since they are new and dont have as many customers, their speed will be higher. Just go to any Cafe Coffee Day in Delhi and they have MTS on demo there.

  65. Hi….I want to know which is the best option in Ahmedabad…..

    1)BSNL Evdo

    1) Price 2) Speed 3) Connectivity 4) Customer Services

    Please reply me….Thanks in advance.

  66. Hi….I want to know which is the best option in Chinchwad,Pune…..

    1)BSNL Evdo

    1) Price 2) Speed 3) Connectivity 4) Customer Services

    Please reply me….Thanks in advance.

  67. Hi

    I live in Nagpur, please let me know best option between Reliance Net Connect and Tata Photon Plus in terms of

    1) Speed
    2) Connectivity
    3) Coverage while roaming

    Also is there any prepaid plan of Tata Photon Plus

  68. Hey guys
    BSNL has The worst billing system, and the worst customer care.the broadband would get disconneted for days,and the only thing the customer care executives would say was that they were working on it.i have decided to change to another company,so please advice.

  69. So Reliance or Tata for Uttarakhand….

  70. Hello friends, I am from Bangalore. I used Reliance Netconnect 3.1 mbps, Tata Photon+ , BSNL wired 2 mbps and BSNL EVDO and also airtel broadband. Among these Reliance and BSNL wired network are super and fantastic. Airtel and BSNL EVDO are good and ok but TATA Photon+ is horrible. So if you have patience and can tolerate very less speed and disconnection go for TATA Photon+…..For people who want good speed go for Reliance and BSNL wired networks. 🙂

  71. HI Guys,

    I read all comments, I m little bit confused which one should I buy????Tata Or Rel Or Bsnal
    Please help me I m inmumbai

  72. This will help for sure, Check this out

  73. I am using BSNL Home250 with 1 GB limit. It is ok. But the additional usage charge (0.90 per mb)is exorbitant. If BSNL provides reasonable additional charges, it will be the best Braodband service provider. Home 750 with unlimited download can be tried. Photon and Reliance are offering plans that are confusing.

  74. hi friends,i was using a reliance net connect but it is vary horrible,and worst,now i go with TATA photon+ is excelant,i promise in mangalore people u would go with tata photon+

  75. i plan to buy wirless data card my be tata photon / reliance netconnect but the confusion is they work in remote place and wht abut there sharing i mean sharing of this connection on two pcs is possible and abut their speed.

  76. […] Article: 1. Tata Photon vs Reliance Broadband Plus « SRK & Tisca in DishTV Latest […]

  77. Folks, pls state the following details before voicing your opinon/suggestion/feedback on this forum. Following a format will save time in scanning thru the responses:

    City : Connection name
    Question : Suggestion : Feedback

    So, looking at the detials one will know if it is a qtn or a comment on a city.

    ex: Hyderabad : Tata photon +
    Question: I heard positive feedback about Tata photon + usage in Hyd area. Does anyone here have alternate thoughts?


  78. Those of you who are batting for BSNL EVDO should check if it will work in Mumbai and Delhi (MTNL areas). My understanding is that it will not work. One of the purposes of the datacard is the convience of “being connected on the move”. Check out if that is really true especially if you do a lot of travelling all over the country and not always in metros.

  79. Hey guys,
    if u wanna buy, go for reliance net connect, atleast there customer service is far far better, but 2day i asked from them about the plans but came to know that there are no time based plans but only data based except the night one. so if u wanna download more tata is a better choice coz it offers 2 hrs a day. so u have 60 hrs to download……………but still reliance offers more speed than tata.
    depends on your area though

  80. I am using Tata photon plus for sometime now. I am in Bangalore, initially everything was good with speed avg 1mbps. But now, it is really really pathetic at nights, starting from 6 pm to 2 am, when I need to use it the most!!

    The speed goes down to 2kbps and max 20kbps. I have lodged complains and they do not have any solution for the problem. I guess reliance is also no better.

    Does the speed for all the users fluctuate, I see that the speed in the graph keeps fluctuating very fast!

  81. Hi friends.I want to buy a reliance brodbnd plus or tata photon plus.If anyone of u z interested in selling me that,then plz reply here.

  82. TATA PHOTON+ is just horrible.m just fed up of sales after service they provide,plans r confusing,its difficult to connect to call centre.they charged exorbitant,if any problen they say contact zonal officer.then wats da bloody use of this call assistant.i sincerely request all of u dnt go for tatas product,they bully us.there r many othr option available in market.chk them out.

  83. Hi Friends,

    I have plan to buy wirless data card my be tata photon+ OR reliance netconnect. which one is better?. i am located in Banglore. Please guide me.

  84. Hi all, if you are facing any problem with Tata Indicom connections, you can send mail to their customer care team at customer.care@tatatel.co.in and get the issue resolved.Trust you will get prompt response…

  85. I am currently residing in Mumbai and need a data card for use on my laptop..since this forum has mixed reviews about every service kindly provide me the name of the service most appropriate as regards connectivity,network,speed,customer service and billing issues.i have to make a choice between tata photon,reliance netconnect,airtel

  86. hello friends,

    the fact here is what’s your requirement first.

    Scenario 1:

    if u stay at only one place then close your eyes & buy bsnl broadband home service at 750 unlimited plus. No need to bother about customer care. once it is in running mode u never have to call customer care ( despite no one receiving call). i m using bsnl broadband since 4+ yrs & found it 90% good than others. 10% i have dedected due to their customer service. Whenever i m unable to connect to their service i found their customer service centers phone hunged up. so when bsnl is down i go out from my home & return back after 2-3 hrs only to found it working as usual. If u want to stay at just one place & want to use broadband then go blindly for bsnl…..No need to go for others…

    Scenario 2: If u are frequent wanderer & still want to use internet then you have to compromise on quality & price. Bsnl is not good in wireless & to be true there is no customer care existent over there. if they handle the call then their language of talking is like they are obliging us by atleast answering the call. Now comes the Reliance & Tata. Here you can chose any but before that check whether your city is in their coverage area or not. I live in Rajkot( Gujarat) where both reliance & tata can’t offer (3.1 mbps) connectivity as their already existing network can’t handle that much speed & connections. Similarly ask them about the availability of connectivity in your city first. In major cities like baroda,ahmedabad,delhi,bangalore,mumbai, pune & hyderabad u won’t have any problems regarding connectivity. but you will never or only found 3.1 mbps speed as they give it on sharing basis. Besides you have to be very vigilant regarding your uploading & downloading…data. If you use any of reliance or tata then do check every 2-3 days your uploading & downloading limit respective of the package you have chosen. People always spend money in buying wireless internet without thinking how they will utilize it. my saying is that if u are frequent traveller then only chose wireless service as till today no one is 100% satisfactory to users of wireless broadband from Tata or REliance…..Its an developing network friends so you have to use it as it is….Just one more time…Chose only Bsnl broadband if you are going to use internet at just one place i.e. your office or your home….thx

  87. i am using photan + since last 2 months but but totaly fedup from frequently net discussion,speed is very poor ,i’l not sugest any1 2 use ds service

  88. this discusion leaves me as confused as i was in the beginning. please rate the connections genuinely if anyone is experienced with all three of them….. awaiting a genuine reply. Thanks in advance. (only one who has used all three of them.)

  89. I wan to buy data card but after goin thru all the reviews im not clear which one to go for.. rel or tata.. i wld use it at Baroda (gujarat), pune and mumbai….

    please suggest…. waiting for reply..

  90. i have used both but i have found relaince netconnect is more better than tata photan

  91. I m using bsnl broadband and there service is really comfortable. But when I m on train journey or away from my office then also I need a good internet broadband facility so I’ll able to work from anywhere if I m out of station.
    Which mobile broadband service will be better, please please give me your suggestion.

  92. the best available is bsnl evdo..now everything is so much improved in tat …i download stuff at constant 190kbps!!!yes tats true…i can download upto 11 gb per day…and its unlimited!!!where as reliance charge u 3500 rs for 15gb!!!its so silly man…wats the use of 100mbps connection if u can download only 100mb!!!!so best buy bsnl evdo…ask them for demo by paying 1000 and u can verify urselves…u ll never get bills exceeding 1000rs…so don waste time…buy bsnl evdo



  94. this is like Chinese wispers…..

    Naveen….. the person who started this discussion still does not have his reply……

  95. hey..i live un hyderabad
    n currently using BSNL EVDO card
    its simply horrible going for it
    u wont get speed of 8-10kbps at peak times n not more than 30 in night time
    i had to screw myself for opting for it
    so..i suggest hyderabadi’s
    even d customer service is also horrible

  96. Hi,
    I’m a local Internet user and require a Broad Band connection for unlimited download. Could you please refer me what would the best for me is it Reliance or TATA and I want same information for USB modems as well.
    Waiting for your reply.
    Thank you.

  97. hey … i am from mumbai and have or rather had reliance broadband for some time… the speed is great but the biggest issue with them is service…. they are PATHETIC…. really i think BSNL has better customer care… very very unhelpful and lax…. gonna try tata now… but really dont EVER go for Reliance… !!!

  98. Anyone has used BSNL in Pune?


  99. Just bought Tata Photon+ to use with Mac Snow Leopard OS. Turns out it’s unsupported and Tata have no plans for an update anytime soon. Save your money if you use the latest Mac OS.

  100. Ric, i got my reliance to work on Mac Snow Leopard, Since both Tata and Reliance are getting the hardware from a chinese company, try checking the company website for software for Mac or do what i did.. mine did not auto install and gave me error.. i had to manually go into the files of the USB drive and then install it from there.. works perfect now.

  101. Hi everyone…
    I my opinion Tata Photon plus is just a waste.
    It undergoes many connection failures and very rarely the speed touches 700kbps and has gone over 1mbps just once.Whereas Reliance broadband + is far superior. So my advice is that you all keep away from Tata photon + for your betterment…

  102. i am from kolkata shoud i go for reliance or tata photan broad band

  103. I live in Pune, and am often required to travel for projects into rural parts of India. Please suggest whether I should buy Tata Photon + or Reliance broadband.

  104. BSNL is the best connection available if sweet talking is not what you are looking for when it comes to backup services. Just remember all PVT companies are just sugar talk. Take my word, check the broadband quality(i dont mean quantity) by visiting http://www.pingtest.net/ and dont, dont, dont, dont, take the word of the salesperson if you dont get a minimum B when he gives you the connection no matter what time of the day ( you will be surprised BSNL gives a consistent A even with their 256kbps line).

  105. bsnl broadband ki jai ho……..bcus this is affordable and good in speed…..thats why i choose bsnl broadband

  106. I have PC with bsnl broadband connection and now i have purchased a laptop and want to buy a data card.So can anyone kindly tell me which data card should i go for as i travel lots across india and abroad.Reliance,Tata or Bsnl what is better in speed,Connectivity etc.Thanks friends

  107. Dear All,
    Let me clear the air a bit for all of you..

    The speed that tata and reliance offer are not upto the mark.. these are not dedicated speeds.. also the connectivity is place dependent..
    Moreover the customer service of both these companies is pathetic..

    You will get a shocker in the bill.. they will mercilessly charge you even on the days you have not used the internet..

    The main point that i want to tell is that both reliance and tata are offering Limited plans.. to milk more money from the customer..

    BSNL is the better option, as it offers unlimited plan and a good speed in a pocket friendly price.. don’t expect much in service, but the speed and connectivity is good.

  108. Any one using BSNL EVDO in Kolkata

  109. i stay in vizag i would like to know which one is a better one tata photon or reliance net.

  110. bsnl UL750 (wireline) is a horrible experince. don,t even try….avg dwload speed 2 to 10 kbps in kolkata.Dammn it!

  111. I purchased a reliance Broadband Connection but was disappointed as i could not get a speed of 256 kpbs leave aside 3.1 mpbs.i could not even access a single webpage and response from reliance officials was pathetic and they started blaming the pc with all sort of blunt excuses like problem of virus etc . inspite of having all reliance phones at home office as well as mobiles we opted for tata photon.Service was better than reliance.definately i can vouch for tata photon plus.

  112. Hello Guys,

    I have both devices (in Delhi) so I think I can give an unbiased review:

    1. Photon + – Got it a week back – prices are dropped so got it for Rs. 2400/- – customer experience is not the best, the internet speeds are about 500-700 kbps – something like regular wired broadband and works ok for a normal task.

    2. Reliance netconnect – Speeds upto 1 Mbps – little faster than Photon + and the customer service is great so far. Have been a user for almost 6 months now. Dedicated toll free number.

    Verdict: Reliance Netconnect + is a winner, specially if you travel, you’ll find its coverage much better than Tata. Overall customer care and speed is better than Tata.

  113. Hi,

    I stay in Bangalore but frequently travel to Salem in tamilNadu. Can any one tell me which USB or Data Card Internet service is best to use both the placess. In Bangalore I am using BSNL Broadband which is Good. Let me know the one works in both the places in my laptop

    Thanks in Advance & Regards,

  114. I would like to buy one of these for office work and VPN, which would also include VOIP (audio/video conferencing). Can anyone let me know their experience with Tata photon and reliance if they have used it for these purpose. Especially if you have used it in a city like Ankleshwar, Gujarat and Belgaum, Karnataka.


  115. Well, talk about customer service & u’ll find that every indian company is a crap, be it govt or pvt.
    I’m using Reliance & i’m far away from so called BIG cities. Still, its giving satisfactory performance.
    My advice:
    1) If u don’t shift ur location every month, go for BSNL wired broadband. Believe me its the BEST u’ll find in India.
    2) If u’re mobile, go for reliance (my personal experience).

    As I said, don’t expect the customer care centers to really CARE if ur connection lands in trouble irrespective of whether its reliance, bsnl or tata.

    Based on my friends’ experience, I would advice that u say tata to TATA photon plus. Its just a piece of crap.

    IMPORTANT: Whichever connection u r taking, just ask for a DEMO first. Don’t ever purchase without a demo. Then during this demo, goto http://www.speedtest.net and also http://www.pingtest.net & test the connection. Remember that pingtest is more important than speedtest. So if u get a grade A or B then accept that connection. Otherwise kick the a**hole who’s trying to sell the crapbox to you.


  116. I have PC with bsnl broadband connection and now i have purchased a laptop and want to buy a data card.I would be traavelling through out South India, mostly in tier I and tier II cities, not very rural. So can anyone kindly tell me which data card should i go for, say Reliance,Tata or Bsnl what is better in speed,Connectivity etc.Thanks friends

  117. Please DO NOT go for EVDO. Its worst

  118. srikanthreddy on April 7th, 2010 at 2:18 pm









  119. This thread has become a bit confusing. What makes it confusing, makes it useful – its the treasure of opinions. I am looking for a wireless BB and haven’t used any, myself, as yet. What I am writing here is what I found in this page.
    – Any BB service is not good or bad, it depends on location.
    – Less customers – more bandwith.
    – More cutomers – poor service.
    – Wired BSNL is best if you don’t move.
    – BSNL service/Reliance Service – Lack of empathy.
    – Reliance Billing – One of the few problems with Rel.

    Mumbai Bangalore Delhi Kolkata Pune
    Tata Bad Bad Poor V.Good ?
    Reliance Good* Good Good Bad ?
    EVDO ? Good ? ? ?
    * Good Service

    I live in pune and would like someone to complete this table for pune.

  120. Hello, I want to buy a wireless broadband service,
    I have heard gud abt relaiance BB+ network coverage as compared to Tata Photon+ coverage..i am living in faridabad, oftenly delhi, panipat and rewari area.

    but the main thing, many people said to me that Rel BB+ is a big fraud in terms of billing,, means if u review ur bill, they show the usage of data however u r nt connected with internet at that time, and then u have to do alot alot of efforts to get waive off that charges. But, tata is good in terms of ur data usage genuinally.

    please tell me, considering above, for which one i should choose for a better expirance..