Why Can’t We Go Green?

When Tata announced the Nano project, everyone went mad about the 1 lakh car. Yes! The price is great… Will it sell like hot cakes? Of course! Does that mean it will add tons of pollution as well….errr! Let’s not talk about that.

I fail to understand why we takes so much time to embrace environmentally friendly project, take for example Reva, the Elecrtic Car company. Granted, it is a little more than double the cost of a Nano, but look at the running cost, just 40 paisa per km and it is a non polluting vehicle, why then are not standing in lines to grab this car? Because we care about the environment but not as much as we care about our pockets.

This is where I think the Indian government should step in and give considerable tax relief and even cash subsidies on green vehicles. Unfortunately oil and petroleum lobbyist do not let this happen as it is against their interests. Take into account the Hybrid Honda Civic, which is so successful in the United States because of subsidies and incentives from the government but in India it did not sell at all because it was priced double of what the petrol version was… go figure!

3 Responses to “Why Can’t We Go Green?”

  1. The “Green Cars” are expensive because making them is more energy intensive process. In other words, making them requires burning much more fossil fuels than the Non-green cars. Subsidizing will only shift the CO2 emission to factories and power plants, and reducing the emission on roads. Government subsidy to Green Cars won’t make the CO2 emission while making the cars disappear.

    Note: I know my explanation is over-simplified, but I hope you get the point. Not all energy is provided by burning Fossil Fuels, and not all difference in cost is because of energy requirement (some is due to scale of manufacturing).

  2. Ambuj, i do agree with you. The best for Delhi as of now would be to have a superb public transportation system with excellent connectivity, which would ease some of the traffic. Once that is done, we can start thinking of completely green vehicles.

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