Will Hybrid Cars Sell In India?

Honda is the first automobile company to introduce Hybrid in India. The Honda Civic is the first car to be out in the market for people looking to go green.

Honda's Civic Hybrid in India

A Honda Civic base model is priced at Rs. 11 Lakhs and a Honda Civic Hybrid Costs about Rs. 22 Lakhs… just double (in US Civic Hybrid is priced at $22,000 which is equivalent to Rs. 9.4 Lakhs) Why aren’t the hybrids cheaper if they will be helping the environment? Government of India has refused to give subsides for Hybrid vehicles unless they are manufactured in India… what a stupid policy! Don’t they realize this they are making such a big mistake. 1000’s of cars are being sold everyday which are contributing to pollution, if hybrids become available at cheaper prices then people would not mind switching.

All over the world. Governments give subsidies and tax exemptions to owners of Hybrid vehicals… why should India be any different?

2 Responses to “Will Hybrid Cars Sell In India?”

  1. Last month Honda Siel dropped the price of Civic Hybris from 22 Lakhs to 13 Lakhs, at power with the petrol version. A price cut of 9L… unbelievable!

  2. Again, as I mentioned in the other post, subsidizing hybrids won’t make the CO2 emitted in making them go away. The only way they can be green is that the manufacturers identify ways to make them cheaply. With petrol prices at rock bottom, there isn’t much incentive for vehicle manufacturers to invest in research in green technology. Thus, one way the government can make the country go green is by taxing petrol (and other fossil fuels) even further.

    Of course, I am not defending government’s plan to not subsidize hybrids manufactured in India. I am not sure if it is a stupid decision or not, because there is a possibility that the government wants them to invest in Green Technology in India, which is something that even I would support.