This Time It’s

If you read my article on you will know exactly what i am taking about. Apparently is also boasting of the same statement “India’s Most User Friendly Matrimonial Website – JuxtConsult.”

Something is fishy here. How come 2 matrimonial websites are saying that they are India’s Most User-Friendly ? Something has to be wrong here. Anyways who am i kidding, this is India and most of the claims made my companies here are self proclaimed with no 3rd party verification. If at all there is a 3rd party verification its usually paid for. - JuxtConsult

Look at the auto sector, pretty much every car which comes out in the market is named “Car of the Year” by some magazine or the other… I remember when Suzuki Swift came out, 2 months in the market and it already bagged “Car of the Year” title… Oh! come on… how can swift got that title when it was just 2 months old, barely enough time to get the first service done.

Looks like all these research companies think that people are stupid, sell any crap to the Indian public and they will buy it in tuck loads. I think that these companies need to conduct their sample surveys in a way where they reach more then just their office people and hire an expert who is not already bought.

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  1. Research comp really sucks…they thru some idiotic numbers with no justification..85% Indian online users read blog..cant be more idiotic than that

  2. Hey hi.
    i was actually looking your videos at and got this on site. I just want to thank you for starting such a good job to get delhi better shape. i know, very few ppl will understand the situation in delhi and try to work on them. As you are hoping and we are… we will have a right system in delhi… keep up your work.. good man. by the way i dont live in delhi anymore otherwise i would definately contact you and help you with your projects.. i live in New York. but anyways.. good job. bye

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  4. deletes and locks your account so you cannot have access to it. They make you pay for the service and then deny you access to it because they now claim they want you to validate your photo by sending them personal IDs such as passport or driver’s license. Are they crazy to think people would trust them with this personal information. Also, why do they need this, when validating your photo is optional not mandatory. It’s not even mandatory to post a photo, so why are they saying you have to validate it now? I plan on bringing this issue to several organizations in Canada and United States for unfair business practices. I also plan on charging them with services not rendered and unfair business practices by scamming people. I have spoken to several people that experienced this so far and we going to bring a group case together. I will also be taking an ad out in several local media outlets, t.v, radio, paper, magazine and on the internet letting everyone know of our experience and petition to get not only our money back, but compensation for this ordeal. I think it is shocking that they can operate like thieves and nobody faults or penalizes them for unlawful behavior. Also, their mail matches never matches the criteria you set up! Again, more and more examples of their ability to take your money and not provide you with adequate services or no service at all!

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