Simply Marry… Nothing’s That Simple!

As an eligible bachelor in my spare time i go through matrimonial websites hoping to find a beautiful bachelorette 🙂 My search landed me on SimplyMarry which lately has been advertising like crazy in all media.

Instead of straightaway filling out the “Simple Search” i went about looking at the website design (ya..ya..ya i am a geek at heart). The thing which came to my notice is what you see below.

Simply Marry Website

I was impressed… WOW “India’s Most Popular User-Friendly website”… My excitement soon vanished when i realized that in all my web design and development experience i have heard of no such thing as this. So i clicked on the link for more info… This is what i got.

Simply Marry - Juxtconsult

So first of…. “India’s Most Popular User-Friendly website” does not mean it is #1 but means that is among the Top 12. Can this be termed as FALSE ADVERTISING? If that was not enough then what the hell is “Best Practice Group” for a website? After reading the definition by Juxtconsult, i went to their website so that i could read the whole report and find out exactly where Simply Marry ranked. To my disappointment, to see the report i would have to shell out Rs. 10,000 DAMN!

My research came back to ground zero. What’s the point of claiming / showcasing something when you don’t have the reports freely accessible for people to see.

Bottom line, Simply Marry is NOT “India’s Most Popular User-Friendly website” It maybe among the most popular (however that is subject to verification) Secondly, anyone can write “Applauded as “The BEST Practiced” Matrimonial Website!” …. damn straight, i applaud every time a monkey performs a trick on the road. Simply means nothing!

And to top it all… The 28 year old, 5’10” Cardiologist from Chandigarh, which you see on the website is no where to be found on the search results. Could it be that he is JUST another model posing for a FAKE advertising promotion? Just keeps getting better and better.

Disclaimer: I was not paid by any matrimonial website to write this report, you can verify my statement by choosing to buy a independent report compiled by me at a nominal fees of Rs. 100,000 😉

6 Responses to “Simply Marry… Nothing’s That Simple!”

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  2. is making the same claim of being India’s Most User-Friendly Matrimonial Website.

  3. and that the site doesn’t load half the time and when it does has nothing worth looking at. But to be fair – the sum total of eligible people in most sites are dwindling alarmingly – good ones are taken it seems tch!

    carry on cribbing, baba. Sour grapes are the source of wine 🙂

  4. You are right Alina.. good ones are mostly taken, the ones who are not are so damn hard to find. Well i guess people these days are trying their luck the old way (newspaper). Till i find someone too i will try and be happy sipping on my wine 😉

  5. And to top it all … marriage isn’t so simple either.

  6. thts xactly….i have been looking match but there are not a single match for me and morever .. thses shud b penalised…